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Friday, December 30, 2016

Who Runs the Show?

I'll never forget while living in Florida watching former Gov. Jeb Bush (R-FL) stand amongst the state government buildings in the capital city of Tallahassee delivering his first speech after winning election.  He pointed to the state offices and said, "My dream is that someday all these buildings will be shut down."

That is the corporate oligarchy talking.  Like the graphic above so well points out, the goal of the top 1% is to kill any 'regulation' of their corrupt business dealings.  They don't want environmental regulations, labor wage & hour regulations, they don't want the people's government regulating their criminal banking operations.  They surely don't want any people's government to monitor the outrageous spending appetite of the Pentagon nor do they want the public to be engaged in any debate about foreign policy - especially since the Pentagon and NATO are nothing more than the military arm of corporate globalization.

While in power Obama played a magicians act - appearing to be on the side of the people while in reality essentially serving as a bag man for Wall Street.  Now with Trump coming into office the veil is pulled off the brides face and the public will get a clearer picture of this corporation domination of Washington and the rest of the nation.   Trump will continue to tweet his little rallying words out to his followers but those he is putting into power to run the government are so arrogant they don't usually even try to hide the truth about who they are working for.

Hopefully the American people begin to see that the ruling corporate elite run two horses in every race.  They don't intend to lose control of the White House or Congress.  It would be more than smart for folks to come to grips with the way the oligarchy runs our country and much of the world.  Only when that happens can we even hope to change things for the better.



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