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Saturday, December 31, 2016

New Year Resolution: Stop Ignoring the Obvious


Anonymous Brother Jonah said...

Appropriate that the mudsucking madness machine is at the North Pole. There's a recurring New Thing at the pole. Like being able to sail a ship there as the ice cover no longer covers.

The authors of global warming are gearing up to exploit the "newly freed up oil and gas under the Arctic Ocean" and are squabbling and rattling Other Peoples' Sabers over which pig is the first to the trough. Nice.

Like Bush Jr telling us a decade ago that Iraq was claimed under the Pottery Barn Doctrine of "we broke ih, we bought it" except the part of We which is He didn't pay a dime for it. Oddly enough the same thing repeated itself with the Real Estate/Financial Sector breaking the entire economy of the US and Europe.

Me and Miss Johnnie toasted the New Year with a shot-glass looking device half filled with cough syrup because we got this monster cold that appears to be all over America. Our resolution was to breathe without pain and or convulsive coughing.

1/2/17, 10:11 PM  

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