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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Untangling the Syrian War

Western media are working overtime to confuse public opinion and suppress efforts by some to deconstruct the entire Syrian mess. Social media, and even some 'peace movement list serves, are loaded with agents of the imperial war project that slam those who try to take a fair look at this issue.  (It is my experience that Pentagon operatives and some elements within the right-wing of the Democratic Party are behind these attacks.)

It has been obvious to me for a long time that the US, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Israel and Turkey have been the predominant funders, supporters and weapons suppliers of ISIS.  The goal has been to break Syria into pieces - taking the oil in the north away from the government.

Recently, following the failed coup in Turkey, the government there is moving away from NATO and toward Russia and Syria.  How far Ankara will go in this breakaway from US control is uncertain.

Enter the Russians, Iran, Hezbollah, and now China on the side of the Syrian government.  They have basically determined that the US's long-term goal after taking down Syria is to then destabilize and destroy Iran.  From there Russia and China are on the list for regime change and balkanization.

The Russian military was invited by the Syrian government to come to their country.  The US was not invited which makes Pentagon military operations there a violation of international law.  The US often talks about the 'rule of law' but as we have repeatedly witnessed over the years, Washington is quick to violate international law in order to get what it wants.

Russia and China appear to have made the decision that backing the current Syrian government, which has huge majority support of the people, is key to creating regional stability and protecting themselves from the US-NATO endless war onslaught.

For a deeper understanding of the whole Syrian story, and how the war actually began, please read the excellent article by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. which can be found here



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