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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Setting Up the Straw Man for Rigged Elections

We know that US elections have been rife with manipulation for many years.  We know that major league voter suppression and voting machine manipulation have been around for a long time.

In recent days the allegations (and that is all they are) that Russia is hacking voter roles across the US appears to be part of a larger operation being undertaken by the ruling oligarchy in the US.

The American people have become the enemy and cannot any longer be trusted with a proper honest voting system.  So those who are running this corporate oligarchy (that is disguised as a democracy) are now moving to put our national voting system into the hands of Homeland Security.  Why?  Because the Russians are coming!!!!!!

Truthfully, playing this Russian card serves two primary purposes.  First to scare the public into accepting that we have to put Homeland Security in charge of voting which will give them a free pass to manipulate the voting machines beyond our wildest imagination.

Secondly this further demonization of Russia helps set up the provocative foreign and military policy planned by Hillary Clinton once she takes charge in Washington.  She is likely to win in a landslide - either because the non-stop Trump circus sideshow campaign will work its magic - and/or the voting machines will be programmed to make her vote tally jump like a Jack in the Box.

Some political activists across the US are already asking the legitimate question, "At what point do we acknowledge that elections in America are a waste of time - a rigged game - and we should be boycotting them?"

The way things are going these days that idea of election boycott might come sooner than any of us imagined possible.



Anonymous Brother Jonah said...

Or deepen the boycott, make it more pro-active.
If all of the projected majority of people who can't stand either of the major choices just vote exactly that. Write in 'neither'.

I'm really not worried about a Constitutional Crisis being created. We live every second of every day in a Constitutional Crisis and that should be formally acknowledged. Because the Privileged Ones would suddenly start thinking in terms of the Peasants storming the castle with pitchforks and torches.

8/31/16, 2:40 PM  

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