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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Protecting Our Water

Water is life
piss oil
into the lakes
we kill
the future

is god
by too many
on bended knees
every morning
as they pray
over the stock

by their love
for the green frog $kin
can't $ee
our connection
to the sacred
Mother Earth

Money trumps
clean water
clean air
clean food

the truly crazy
among us
think they can
buy health
and long life

Our way out?

Reorient our nature
away from
dog$ eat dog$
to a spiritual
to all life

that is the greatest
the best treasure
the highest reward
when we give
our relatives
a future
on this spinning orb
zooming thru space

Hoka Hey!



Anonymous Brother Jonah said...

Does the Army COE actually know that the Missouri merges to the Mississippi? Of all the states that the Missouri and Mississippi touches, the only one which doesn't have a Native name is Louisiana. Do they think we all disappeared or something?

The waters have been polluted before. But then, I've been hit by cars before too. and had weapons of war pointed at my face, close range. I survived, so far. That's no guarantee that the next one won't be the Big One. Same with the waters. Don't the leaders of this supposedly Christian nation (that's their claim) know the Revalation mentions very clearly that the waters DIE?

But, hey, we can do without clean water. we'll just buy from another temporal/spatial dimension, and we can use the oil money to do it!

8/24/16, 4:56 PM  

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