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Monday, August 22, 2016

Indians Loading Sacred Pipes Frighten Cops


Anonymous Brother Jonah said...

Three million views. That's encouraging and I haven't even watched the video. Anyhow, we've got a couple of postings on tribe about this.

My idea is to have people doing petitions, nothing new in this election year, but to get the two heads of the Duopoly to make a clear statement of policy about it, and see if either makes a racist slur. or Weasel Words. And that in itself wouldn't count for much but here in the Springs we have quite a few neighbors who work in Pipeline related (pandering, really, they're not the ones doing any of the real work) or War Industries thus making themselves feel Ultra Reactionary so-called Conservatives. See if they, speaking for their favorite political trips, will make some really stupid statements that can be exploited. The timing is perfect but, you know, the Oil Companies and their Washington lackeys chose the time purposely because "energy independence" is a campaign issue. Each side trying to portray itself as being More Reactionary than the other.

8/24/16, 4:40 PM  

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