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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Update on Peace Procession in Ukraine

Earlier in the week I shared a video about the huge peace and love procession heading from eastern Ukraine toward the capital in Kiev.  They are being harassed by the Nazis in Ukraine that are funded, armed and trained by the US.

Now I've learned that another leg of the peace procession began walking from western Ukraine also toward Kiev where the two groups will meet.

This is very special and if anything can save Ukraine from more civil war it is peaceful efforts like this.  We need to see more of this everywhere.

On July 25 I head to Korea where I will join the annual peace walk around Jeju Island which will begin on August 1.  They too will head east and west and have the two different groups meet at the end.

Peace is spreading despite the attempts of the neo-con endless war mongers.  Keep the spirit alive!



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