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Monday, July 11, 2016

These Are Real Political Leaders

These two short videos both display brilliant political and moral leadership.  In the above case we see Dr. Cornell West testifying at a Democratic Party platform committee meeting where they were considering a proposal to include a harsh rebuke of Israel's brutal treatment of the Palestinian people.  The committee rejected the proposal, as expected, due to the reality that the Democratic Party is fully controlled by Zionists. Washington knows it must toe the line when it comes to turning Israel into a regional military platform in the Middle East for the corporate global domination operation.

I recently learned that one other key reason that Libya was invaded by NATO is because there is a plan in the works to have Israel take control of Egypt.  If you look at a map you find that Libya is on the western border of Egypt while Israel is on the other side.  Egypt is sandwiched - keep your eyes on that one in the coming months/years. 

In this video above we hear Labour Party (England) leader Jeremy Corbyn defending the poorest of the poor - the most marginalized people in his country.  The conservatives inside the Labour Party (Tony Blair's minions) want Corbyn gone and have tried to use the Brexit fiasco as an excuse to drive him out of leadership.  But since the Brexit vote, and the non-stop media barrage against Corbyn, more than 200,000 new members have joined Labour in an obvious show of support for him.  Most importantly the labour unions in England support Corbyn.

So there are some similarities between the Labour Party and the Democratic Party in the US.  In these current times there is a raging fight for control of both parties as the corporate oligarchies, led by the banking industries, are attempting to maintain their domination of the two parties.  In England the left is holding on so far with Corbyn.  In the US the Hillary Clinton forces have used trickery, voter suppression, outright stealing votes, and near total media control to ensure that reformer (not revolutionary) Bernie Sanders lost his run for power.

The fine points interest me.  Why the difference between the two - Corbyn and Sanders?  Why has one done better than the other?

I'd suggest that Corbyn is a much stronger and more deeply conscious man.  For years while serving as a Member of Parliament (MP) from London he also served as chair of the national anti-war movement.  He's been in the middle of these issues for years.  He deeply understands and is willing to speak about the links between military empire and domestic collapse.

Bernie Sanders, while serving in the House of Representatives for Vermont, supported the Bill Clinton administration's bombings of Yugoslavia that helped to break up (balkanize) that Communist nation.  This was 1999 and in response there were some protests in the US against this bombing.  (On one occasion during the bombing the US hit the Chinese embassy in Belgrade and claimed it was a 'mistake'.)  Few peace groups in America spoke out against Clinton's war.  First because many of the peaceniks were 'liberal' Democrats and they didn't want to criticize their own party's leader.  Secondly people who did protest that war were often red-baited in an organized campaign by the oligarchy to divide the people and keep them demobilized.  The US-NATO march eastward toward Russia was then put into high gear.

In the Burlington, Vermont office of Rep. Bernie Sanders local peace activists sat and demanded a meeting with their Congressional representative about the Yugoslavia attack, but he refused to talk with them. Sanders was in the office at the time and still would not meet with them.  Instead, Sanders called the cops and had these non-violent protesters taken to jail.  On the way out the door renowned life-long pacifist David Dellinger said, "Bernie's not a peace guy."

The fact is that Bernie rarely mentioned military and foreign policy in his campaign and still could not sell himself to the ruling oligarchy as a 'reform' alternative to an unpopular Hillary Clinton at the very time the nation is demanding social and economic change.  It shows how entrenched the oligarchy is inside the Democratic Party today in America.  It's locked down.

So I'd say that Corbyn is miles beyond Sanders - both consciously and politically.  And to illustrate  the point - Corbyn has had more success because he's connected the deadly dots between foreign and domestic policy.  Just last week Corbyn issued a public apology for the UK's participation in the Iraq war abomination.

As the blazing American summer streets heat up we currently see Black Lives Matter being painted, by the media and leading 'domestic militarization proponents', as a terrorist organization.  Absolute bullshit!

But let's be clear about what is really doing on.  The oligarchy needs to distract the masses as the global economy is crashed and drastic measures are taken to create the New World Order.  They are pushing for 'chaos theory' here in the USA.

Ukraine, Libya, Iraq, Palestine, Venezuela, Brazil, Somalia, Syria and the Native American reservation system - same basic story - colonize the people by complete and total militarization.  Thin out the populations.  Take all public assets away.  It is corporate piracy backed up by the banksters and their military thugs.

Mr. Big is filling up the poor houses again and this time around they plan to guard all the gates with the King's Army.  This one is for real.

Now and then there is a crack in the door - it's our job to put our feet inside.



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