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Friday, July 08, 2016

Gangjeong Community Kitchen on Navy Hit List

Veterans For Peace member Will Griffin (Iraq and Afghanistan veteran) reports from Gangjeong village on Jeju Island, South Korea the following:

The Samgeori Area will face demolition soon. The government is to demolish the protest community kitchen, the watchtower, and the 10 containers where people live. The reason of the demolition is to build a 4 lane entry road to the cruise terminal which is planned to be constructed at the western tip of the base by next year. Since Samgeori, the entrance to the sacred Gureombi Rock, was fenced off in 2011, the tent kitchen and the watchtower were built in Samgeori by the villagers.

The community kitchen has provided free meals to activists and visitors both domestic and international's alike. It is a spiritual pillar of our struggle, since it has been a place of gathering in sharing meals through our continuing struggle. The containers also help to keep the space from the Navy's occupation. How to preserve Samgeori and it's spirit? This is what we are currently struggling with.

Will was in Gangjeong village last December with the VFP delegation that spent a week there and then another week in Okinawa.  Will has just arrived for a couple month solidarity visit to Korea.


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