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Friday, July 15, 2016

Citizens Revolt in South Korea

Yonhap News reports:

Prime Minister Hwang Kyo-ahn visited the town of Seongju, which was tapped as the site for the deployment of an advanced U.S. missile defense system, on Friday, in the face of strong opposition from the residents who questioned the safety and legitimacy of the government's decision.

 The trip is seen as a move to alleviate concerns that residents may have about the health issues related to the missile system's powerful radar and questions raised about the fairness of the government's decision-making process.

   "I would like to apologize for making the decision without prior notice," Hwang said during his visit, adding that the government will make efforts to ease residents' concerns over the safety.

   During his visit, however, protesters threw water bottles and eggs at Hwang, reflecting their anger over the deployment.

   The prime minister was blocked by resentful residents and physically barred from leaving the county for more than six hours.  

There is a real revolt going on in South Korea.  The US is forcing the South Korean government to deploy THAAD 'missile offense' launchers and the people know that it makes them a prime target.  (Even worse the US wants South Korea to pay for the US missile deployments.) Koreans can see the provocative steps the US is taking in the region against China and they know how crazy the leadership in the US actually is.  They've been through one war involving the US already and are not interested in another.

I've long said that the Koreans are the best organizers I've ever had the pleasure to work with.  Right now they have a national campaign underway to resist these THAAD deployments that are aimed at China even though the Pentagon tells everyone they are intended for North Korea.  It's the same shell game the US does with the missile offense deployments now going into Romania, Poland, and Turkey - all aimed at Russia.  The US says they are aimed at Iran who actually has no nuclear weapons.

The shine has come off the American coin and the world ain't buying the script anymore.  Sadly there is still half the population in the US that believes the official Washington line (including far too many 'liberals' who support Hillary Clinton).

The world is turning against corporate control of the planet.  We are in for a rough patch ahead.  The story today about a coup d'etat in Turkey possibly indicates the CIA's operatives inside the Turkish military have tried to take down President Erdogan because in recent days he dared to apologize to Russia for shooting down their plane and began to alter his war stance with Syria.  My initial reaction is that US-NATO were not happy with that change of tune and decided to take Erdogan out.  More on that one as things develop.



Blogger ChristinaMac said...

As an Australian, I find this article uncomfortably relevant to my own country. except that I think that we beer-loving, sporty loving Ockers are not quite as sophisticated as the South Koreans. We seem to think that it's good stuff to have American bases and secret facilities on our country.

7/15/16, 5:55 PM  
Anonymous Brother Jonah said...

Is ok. I got a Cheyenne Mountain and an aging, leaking impossible-to-get-rid-of-it nerve gas repository practically on my rectal orifice. They poisoned our own country before they did yours. But I somehow find myself filled with a huge lack of comfort about it.

7/18/16, 12:27 AM  
Anonymous Brother Jonah said...

And 18 official military bases + a Blackwater Xe training base within 50 miles. In a place that's as far from any seashore or border as you can possibly get and still be on the same continent. I like the place, really I do. But the Pentagoons make for really bad neighbors.

7/18/16, 12:32 AM  
Anonymous ThomasMaloney said...

If it were up to the people, I'm sure all those warheads and missiles will be locked away into storage for a long time. But a pity everything rests on the opinions and egos of the politicians that govern them.

9/9/16, 6:48 AM  

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