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Wednesday, March 09, 2016

US-NATO War on Eastern Ukraine Cranking Up Again

Turkey and the Kiev puppet regime in Ukraine are being used as proxy forces for the US-NATO destabilization effort along the Russian border.  This comes as pay back to Moscow for their efforts to support Syria which has been under unrelenting attack by the US-Saudi Arabia-Qatar-Turkey-Israel regime change program.

It should be understood that the US and its war making allies are risking the big war with Russia.  Russia has just decided to cut its military budget by 5% in 2016 - their total military expenditure will be less than $50 billion.  When you add up all the various US military pots of gold the total comes close to $1 trillion a year.  Don't forget to also add in the various NATO countries military budgets to the US figure - remembering that the Pentagon runs all the NATO military operations through its satellite directed war system.

Who is the real threat to global peace and stability?


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