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Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Republican Donor Class Wealth Never Trickles Down

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough complained on Tuesday that the Republican Party was fracturing because it had advocated economic policies benefiting the richest Americans for the last 30 years with the promise that the wealth would “trickle down” to others — but it never did.  

Nice to see a conservative putting this issue on the table.  Scarborough was a former Republican Congressman from conservative northwest Florida before he became a media talking head.
The current disintegration of the Republican Party is leading to just a bit of honesty about who their policies have been serving.
Sadly though neither the Republicans or Democrats are talking about the massive impact that America's endless wars are having on the economy and the environment.  The Pentagon controls 55% of the US federal discretionary budget and is the biggest institutional polluter on the planet.  None of that is being discussed by either party.  
Neither of the two mainstream parties are talking about how a national program to convert the military industrial complex to producing rail, solar, wind turbines, tidal power systems, and a massive energy conservation program would not only help reduce our carbon footprint but would also create more jobs than we currently get from our addictive military production system.
In the meantime I saw this morning reports that Maine is experiencing record high temperatures today as we witness no snow at our house in Bath.  The winter outdoor industries in Maine (and in many other states) have taken a beating this year - how can anyone continue to deny that climate change is real?  But more importantly, how can anyone continue to ignore the obvious solutions that we must enact NOW if we hope to offer the future generations any real future?  How can people be so silent?


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