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Friday, February 26, 2016

The War Base Versus the People

After many years of non-violent struggle against the Navy base construction on Jeju Island, South Korea the base is now officially open.  Yesterday the Korean government held their ceremony to inaugurate the Navy base that will port US destroyers, nuclear submarines and aircraft carriers to be aimed at China and Russia.  At the same time Gangjeong villagers and their many supporters (including four American activists now there) held protests and their own peaceful ceremonies.

Long-time Gangjeong international peace team member Sung-Hee Choi reported that:

If you ask what we feel, of course, we are very sad and upset for a the completion of the Jeju navy base. But on Feb. 26, people also found how encouraged and empowered they are for the presence of their like-minded friends. The people’s protest, the alternative event against navy ceremony was energetic, moving, and worth to join. The new stage of our struggle to close the base and to realize the true life and peace village and the Demilitarized Peace Island has begun.


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Power to the People!

2/26/16, 9:35 PM  

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