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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The American Circus

Republican presidential candidate and rich boy Donald Trump has a long history with professional wrestling.  The phony, scripted, snarling world of bloviating wrestlers has become a cheap metaphor for the US electoral arena.  Trump has learned from wrestling how to appeal to the American working class with meaningless emotion and snide remarks disguised as political program. 

Long ago I read that the goal of the ruling oligarchies in the US was to make national elections so unappealing that the public would refuse to participate any longer making it easier for the top 1% to control the nation.

The entertainment value of Donald Trump's so-called presidential campaign well illustrates this mission of turning elections into circus.

Part of me still wants to maintain that the whole Republican circus is also intended to make Hillary Clinton look good to the public.  The oligarchy wants her as president so that she can do like Obama has done - keep the wars going, force austerity budgets and keep the liberals under control.


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