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Friday, February 26, 2016

Play Ball!

The Baltimore Orioles doing baseball spring training back in the old days

It's spring training down in Florida for my favorite team - the Baltimore Orioles.  I was born in Maryland and have followed the Orioles my whole life.  They are projected to come in last place in their division this season - but in baseball (like politics at times) hope springs eternal.

When I used to live in Florida I tried every year to attend a few Oriole games during the spring season.  My son Julian and I would trek across the state on a weekend to catch a game.  It's a bit harder to do these days while living in Maine.

The O's have been in the news this week having had a free agent signing fiasco.  A guy that played for the Chicago Cubs last year (just the kind of player the O's need - good hitter, fast, good defensive outfielder) was just about to sign with the O's and then at the last minute got enticed to return to Chicago for less money.  Last night I read thru 64-pages of fan laments at an O's chat web site.

People ask me how I keep sane doing the peace work I do.  My answer always is baseball and basketball.  Even though professional sports have become corporatized, and even increasingly militarized with all the 'GI salutes' they do at games, I still follow my teams.

The O's did sign a new guy this winter out of South Korea who was the leading hitter in their professional league the last few years.  So Oriole fans will be excited to see Hyun Soo Kim play ball.

Go O's!


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