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Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Who is Really Responsible for Refugee Crisis?

"I am not a terrorist, this is not a terrorist... We are human beings. Where is the humanity? Where is the world to see...
Posted by Al Jazeera English on Monday, August 24, 2015

The US-NATO create a war to try to topple the government of Syria. Massive refugee crisis ensues and the people who are running for their lives are met with this bitterness and violence. The real evil here is the US-NATO for creating the war in Syria.

Similarly refugees from the US-NATO Libya take down debacle are also seeking safety and comfort.  African refugees are growing as the US corporate imperial project to take control of vital resources on their continent creates more instability that results in driving people from their homes.

Little analysis about the cause of these refugee crisis is aired on mainstream media.  The refugees are used to further divide societies - distracting them from staring deeply into the eyes of the real enemy which happens to be Mr. Big and his well paid underlings.


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