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Thursday, September 17, 2015

David and Goliath

Video from two days ago when two Aegis destroyers (outfitted with 'missile defense' interceptors aimed at China) unexpectedly first came to the new Navy base on Jeju Island, South Korea.  Village protesters on kayaks went on the sea to confront the warship.

While these were South Korean Navy vessels the hi-tech systems on-board are 'interoperable' with the US military space technology system.  This means that the South Korean Navy runs their weapons systems thru the US space warfare control program giving the Pentagon ultimate control.  
Because of the enormous cost of the Pentagon's 'Full Spectrum Dominance' space tech system the US strategy is to get other nations, like Japan and South Korea, to build programs like 'missile defense' and make them 'interoperable' with the larger US system.

This is how the US is using an expanding NATO to encircle Russia and drawing Asia-Pacific nations (Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand) into NATO 'partnerships' to box in China.

It's all very expensive, highly provocative and exceedingly dangerous.  China and Russia are thus forced to militarily respond.  Off to a new arms race we go.


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