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Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Stacking Wood

I was gone from home all day getting the car serviced, going to my chiropractor, and then attended our local PeaceWorks planning meeting in Brunswick til 5:00 pm.  Then when I got home I worked for two hours on my round woodpile.

It's a real challenge - the wood is supposed to lean toward the middle but as I go higher up it wants to lean outward.  Not a good sign.  The idea is to fill the center with odd shaped pieces that help hold it up as it gets taller. I like stacking wood - its one thing I can work on and see some real progress unlike much of my political work.

Tonight I'm going to watch a baseball game and rest my aching back.


Blogger theotherjimmyolson said...

I prefer to stack my wood in an unheated greenhouse during the summer. It sucks the water out of it down to about 8-10 percent moisture content in about seven months.This means burning less wood, and we all know conservation is the best way to effect positive change.

5/7/15, 1:55 AM  

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