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Monday, May 04, 2015

Sen. Sanders Running Against Hillary

Vermont senator and self-described democratic socialist Bernie Sanders has declared a run for president and the Democratic Party nomination against corporate captive Hillary Clinton.  Should be an interesting race as he appears to be carrying the Occupy movement message about the 99% into the corporate dominated electoral fray. There  are some legitimate concerns about Sanders positions on Israel and wanting to bring the F-35 boondoggle to Vermont.

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I've long maintained that when the black community surges, as they are now doing after the cop killings in Ferguson, New York City and Baltimore, they help open the door for other progressive movements to slip into the light.  I can hear people sensing that things are moving again - the ebb and flow of movements is part of nature - they come and go.  The tide has been out for a long time and just might be on its way back in again.  We each can help push things along in our own ways.  It's the right time to step on the pedal.


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