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Wednesday, August 20, 2014


It's all normal now
militarization of police
militarization of culture
creation of police state
lock down time 

who is the enemy?

In Ferguson
the predominately
black crowd shouts
'We are in Gaza'
they know what is
coming down

In Gaza
long accustomed to
tear gas,
send Facebook messages
to Ferguson
about how to deal
with tear gas

the protests against
corporate dictatorship
are global

back at home
Obama interrupts
his vacation
makes lame statement
about Ferguson
"In America we don't
arrest journalists"

looks bad
after all
we are 'the light'
of freedom,
Disney style,
but truth be heard
America is home
of racism
and classism

Ferguson  is
blowing America's cover
it's an embarrassment
but also a planned

planned in that
the militarization
of most local police
has long been
in the works

necessity because
with corporate oligarchy
takeover of the nation
the shit is going to
hit the fan
and the cops
have been made ready

If America will kill
for 'our interests'
in Iraq, Afghanistan,
Libya, Palestine,
Latin America,
then it will kill
when necessary
at home

The main problem
is that most
in America
don't want to see
the writing
on the wall
it might
require one
to take positive
and people
are afraid
they might be
next on the list

better to take
the bait
of black
against white
brown immigrants
stealing our

and conquer
learned it well
from our British

the sun
did set
on the Brits
and is now
setting on
the great
illusion is over

supreme irony
is oligarchy
put black man
in charge
of the demise


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i would like to comment, but i won't

why the evil can win, because the other side does not even talk to each other, or rather one way

no sheep comfort, cold like the space
sometimes i feel i don't mind if we will be nuked ...

8/20/14, 11:34 PM  
Anonymous wdk said...

Haiku for the Heartland

Tear gas tears drying
Eyes and blood banks opening
Ferguson morning

8/20/14, 11:42 PM  

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