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Saturday, August 23, 2014


Tons of food, water and medicine have finally reached the struggling citizens of Lugansk in eastern Ukraine. The aid column is now back in Russia - after unloading its vital cargo in less than 24 hours. RT's Maria Finoshina traveled with the convoy through the war-torn region.

Corporations like Monsanto want control of the rich fertile land of eastern Ukraine to grow their GMO products for European markets that have been reluctant to accept them.  Oil companies have already begun fracking operations under the cover of Kiev's shelling of the eastern region.  NATO hopes for military bases right on Russia's border.

In recent days Spanish farmers have been dumping their rotting produce and burning EU flags due to the US-EU sanctions on Russia.  These sanctions have closed the prosperous economic door into Russia for many European companies.  So this war on Ukraine is now having detrimental impacts all across Europe.

Score one for Russia on the grand chessboard as it once again proves the US-NATO fear mongering (Russia's aid convoy is a trojan horse!) to be nothing but a pack of lies - meant to further demonize Russia in the eyes of the world.


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