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Tuesday, July 15, 2014


The war on the
Palestinian people
is one of the most
and inspiring
human stories
of all time

The Palestinians
are the canary
in the mines
they are the picture
of where Mr. Big
intends to take
all of us

Extract our resources
water, oil, nat gas,
our labor
everything is
a dollar

Place don't matter
to the oligarchy
their heart
long ago
to darkness
they lost the feel
for land
and community
for la famiglia

Their war
comes from a rage
they must feel
having given
their heart
to the darkness
maybe they
were wounded
as a child
and now take
it out on
the world

But the
Palestinian people
are so connected
to earth
the cycle of life
shared community
they have deep
inner strength
that keeps resisting
the evil doings
of Mr. Big
this is why people
around the world
stand with them

One blood


Blogger elaine x said...

Right on! #InSolidarity with the people of palestine

7/15/14, 10:31 AM  
Blogger Jo McIntire said...

My wife an I just spent a month in Israel. We were very impressed by the tremendous amount of civility that we found.

We read with heavy hearts about the standoff between Israel and Hamaas. It pains me to see Israel having to use retaliation tactics. While a “military” solution is unlikely, I don’t know how else Israel can try to curb Hamas terrorism.

It’s tragic that both sides cannot engage is some real negotiations that would stop the violence and eventually result in peace.

We left Israel recognizing the extremely complicated nature of the situation. We personally met some of the Palestinian leadership in Ramallah. I believe it’s people like Mustafa Barghouthi, for example, who may eventually convince the people of Gaza that Hamas is not acting in their best interests.

I believe it's wise to hold judgement and be deeply concerned for all the victims.

7/15/14, 2:06 PM  
Blogger LJansen said...

So Bruce, very sorry to see that you deleted my comment. Now I know where you really stand.

Ms. McIntyre is wrong to withhold judgment on the Israeli gov't who is savagely attacking a civilian population.

If you cannot stand to hear that, I will quit visiting this blog.

Bye Bruce.

7/17/14, 2:29 AM  
Blogger LJansen said...

Or Mr. McIntyre as the case seems to be.

7/17/14, 2:30 AM  

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