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Monday, May 05, 2014


Members of ultra-nationalist Right Sector make Molotov cocktails that were hurled into Trade Union hall in Odessa where anti-Kiev protesters were finding refuge

Some of the 46 who were burned alive inside the Odessa Trade Union hall

Yahoo News shared a story last night that came from German newspaper Bild am Sonntag that reported US CIA and FBI agents were in Kiev helping to end the rebellion in the east of Ukraine and set up a 'functioning security structure'.

In addition there were photos on the Internet last night of NATO troops from the US, Canada, Italy and other countries inside Ukraine.  It seems rather obvious that since the recent visit of CIA chief Brennan and V-P Joe Biden to Kiev the US-NATO has likely taken over direction of the military operation in eastern Ukraine.

The US-NATO divert talk about their involvement in Ukraine by constantly accusing Russia of instigating the conflict and marshaling troops on its own border.  The US psy-ops strategy is to repeatedly put Russia on the defensive in western media while simultaneously expanding NATO and  inserting its own agents inside the Kiev 'security structure'.  When Russia claims that the US-NATO are running this show they happen to be telling the truth.

Western media still claims that it is unclear who set fire to the Trades Union hall in Odessa while the evidence overwhelmingly shows that the unarmed citizens inside the building were set upon by Right Sector fascists who threw Molotov cocktails and shot at them.  And then when a few crawled out of the fire they were beaten by the far-right nationalists.

I've learned that it took one whole hour for the fire department to finally make it to the burning building.  By that time it was getting dark and many inside had already died.  About 67 of those who were inside and lived were quickly arrested by the city police. (It's important to remember that in Ukraine the new federal government appoints the regional governors and mayors.)

This morning 1,000 Odessa citizens surrounded the police center and forced their way inside the building.  They released the 67 who had been arrested.  Rick Rozoff, who runs the Stop NATO website from Chicago, writes:

The latest report from the Odessa native currently living in the Chicago area is that her friend and his son, the first the victim of smoke inhalation, the second bludgeoned by Right Sector and allied forces outside the trade union headquarters in Odessa, have been released from police detention, but have not returned home for fear of being pursued by the extremist bands that attacked them on May 2. They are being hidden by friends. 

Reports circulating on international Russian-language websites, chat rooms and e-mail groups include the fact that Odessa law enforcement officials, beholden to the city's mayor, himself appointed by Kiev, released the names and addresses of those released to Right Sector and other neo-Nazi forces.

The pogroms have begun inside the Ukraine and the US-NATO are directing the operation.  This was similarly done by the US in Iraq, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Panama, Philippines, Korea, Vietnam and more.  But who would have imagined that our government would be crazy enough to pull this stunt on the Russian border?

The reason why the US thinks it can get away with it is a simple one - corporate consolidation of the world's media.  Once Mr. Big controls the message the corporate oil-i-garchy can do anything they want and get away with it.

But oh that pesky Internet ... wait, with the killing off of net neutrality the corporations hope to disable that vehicle as well.


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