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Tuesday, March 25, 2014


  • Rick Rozoff from Chicago has become a leading expert on NATO, particularly the steroidal expansion of the military wing of corporate globalization.  He does an interview with Gary Null about NATO which can be heard here. Much to his credit Rick is also a fan of The Kinks.

  • Poland late last week said it would speed up the process for choosing a "missile defense" system that would tie into the US-NATO program. Warsaw had previously intended to cull the number of contractor proposals by early summer. There are competing bids from four different entities: the Israeli government; a Lockheed Martin-led consortium that produces the Medium Extended Air Defense System; the Raytheon aerospace corporation; and a consortium of France's Thales, the European firm MBDA and a Polish state defense group. The contract is worth approximately $5 billion. However, analysts estimate the entire cost could be as much as $13.1 billion, when maintenance expenses are factored in. Washington praised Warsaw for its willingness to ramp up military spending -- something the US-NATO have been urging all European alliance partners to do. A  missile defense site in Poland would be part of Obama's "European Phased Adaptive Approach" to NATO missile defense and is aimed at Russia.

  • During the summer of 2008 Russia and Georgia had a five-day military dust up along their border.  The first US politician to arrive was then Sen. Joseph Biden (later Obama's Vice-Prez) who pledged undying loyalty to the CIA-directed project in Georgia.  The US largely funded and directly this shoot out which was intended to  keep the steady beat of anti-Russian war drums going.  The US-NATO are itching to bring Georgia (and Ukraine) into the alliance.  The Stars & Stripes newspaper reported Biden's words last week:

“We are exploring a number of additional steps to increase the pace and scope of our military co-operation, including rotating U.S. forces to the Baltic region to conduct ground and naval exercises — as well as training missions,” Biden said Wednesday during talks with Polish and Estonian officials.

Biden’s tour through the region includes a stop on Wednesday in Lithuania, where the U.S. already is taking part in a NATO air policing mission.

  • So currently the same script, I call it modus operandi, is being played out against Russia along its European borders.  The US-NATO are militarily encircling and poking the bear on many fronts.  Imagine this happening during the Cold War - a Cuban missile crisis in reverse - the US-NATO instigating trouble with a nuclear superpower.  This display of arrogance on the part of corporate globalization is just mind blowing.

  • The fact that this version of the story never sees light of day in the western mainstream media indicates the level of deceit and censorship that goes on today.


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