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Tuesday, March 11, 2014


The Nazi-style round up of dissenters in the Ukraine has begun as the "revolutionaries" in Kiev now move throughout the country to arrest key leaders who oppose the coup d'etat.

There can be no doubt that the US-NATO intelligence agencies are involved in this 'cleansing' as they move to take full control of Ukraine and set their sights on Crimea.  Next step is to destabilize Russia and break it up into pieces that would then be controlled by the west.

The US has continually shown that it will work with the worst elements in order to meet its political objectives.  Just look at Syria as an example.  Now the US-NATO are working with Nazi's to take control of Ukraine and and make a play for Russia.  They are playing with fire and threatening World War III.

Global Network board member Alice Slater writes:

Before you demonize Putin, it may interest you to all know that Putin offered President Bill Clinton a proposal to cut our nuclear arsenals of 18,000 warheads at the time, to 1,000 each and then call all the rest of the nuclear states (who have only 1,000 nuclear warheads all together-China, UK, France, India, Pakistan, Israel, North Korea) to the negotiating table to eliminate nuclear weapons.  But Putin asked that it be contingent on Clinton not putting missiles into Eastern Europe which Clinton refused to promise.  Then George W. Bush actually walked out of the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty with Russia which outlawed building anti-missiles so we wouldn’t have to keep building more missiles to overcome the anti-missile shield. 

We bombed Kosovo without Security Council approval and expanded the UN Security Council mission in Libya unilaterally.   If we want to get along with Russia, we should stop demonizing Putin and look first at the “mote in our own eye” and how the US and the NATO expansionists have been a threat to Russia, with no good reason.   We should ask for NATO to disband and empower the UN peacekeeping function. 

You should also know that China and Russia tabled a treaty in the Committee on Disarmament in the UN to  ban weapons in space which required consensus for negotiation.   Only the US  blocked it, several years in a row.   Also, Russia proposed, after the US, first again in mayhem and havoc, launched the first cyber attack on on Iran’s computers with the Stuxnet virus to slow down their enrichment of uranium, that we talk about negotiating a treaty to ban cyber warfare.   Here too the US was disappointingly uninterested and rejected Russia’s proposal to even talk about this issue.   I’m sure there’s lots to criticize about Putin, but let’s be clear who the real aggressor has been ever since the wall came down and we broke our promise to Gorbachev not to expand NATO, beyond admitting a reunified Germany into the old cold war alliance.  Remember, Reagan walked out of a deal to get rid of all the nukes with Gorbachev because he didn’t want to give up Star Wars—a part of which is the current 'missile defense' proliferation in Eastern Europe and Asia.    Putin is well aware of all of this!  

- Alice Slater
New York City


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