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Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Regis Tremblay (left) won big at the Peace on Earth Film Festival in Chicago.  Joyak Gol (right) from Jeju Island sang at the event

Fellow Mainer Regis Tremblay's documentary The Ghosts of Jeju won the best expose film at the Chicago Peace on Earth Film Festival this past weekend . Here is Regis in his own words:

The Ghosts of Jeju won best Expose film...and Jeju was the talk of the festival....people loved Joyakgol....he was so awesome...tonight he sang at the reception for the filmmakers and he was a huge hit! The voices of Jeju were amplified in a really big way today!

Regis and Joyak are touring the film during the next several weeks, not only in Illinois, but also throughout California, Arizona, and New Mexico.

This weekend they will both be at the Global Network 22nd annual conference in Santa Barbara showing the film and Joyak will sing on several occasions.

Regis has done a great job of getting the Jeju Island story out around the world.  The film festival recognition is well deserved.


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