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Monday, December 23, 2013


I'm closely following the current developments from South Korea - maybe it should be renamed the "Corporate state of South Korea".  This week's right-wing government "surprise" was to bust into the multi-storied headquarters of the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU) on Dec. 22.  The current fascist government in the corporate state of South Korea is cracking down hard these days on anyone that dares to peep their head into the clouds.  Everyone is supposed to look down and bow directly to the corporate dominated consumer culture they are being shackled with.

On previous trips to South Korea I was taken by Global Network board member Sung-Hee Choi to meet with representatives of the KCTU while in Seoul.  They kindly assigned a reporter from the union newspaper to one meeting where I talked about the growing militarization and corporatization of space and ultimately the earth below.  They gave me a chance to reach South Korean workers with our message and I was happy to make that connection.

I learned alot in South Korea about the corporate and military connection and the return to a fascist model.  Right after WW II, when the US took over South Korea, there was a harsh period when many were jailed for long periods or killed for opposing the puppet government run by Uncle Sam and his investors.  The long struggle against the military "Uncle" (such misuse of a sacred word) forced a relaxation of the military boot and helped build hopes for some kind of reunification with North Korea.  But now the boot is coming down hard again as the workers, through their unions and general domestic support, have made significant economic gains for many people.  And with that came more political voice across their nation.  Those gains though have become too costly to those who rule and they also feared a strong and mobilized labor would naturally oppose the growing militarization of the Republic of [South] Korea - a sure sign that Uncle Sam had "big plans" for the near future.

South Korea is a US military colony - just as are Guam, Hawaii, Taiwan, Japan and Okinawa, and soon again the Philippines.  All of this is aimed directly at China.  Boom.

Back here at home, as we near the birthday of the prince of peace, the few remaining decent paying jobs across America are in the military production system.  Alot of paper pushers fill those jobs because Mr. Big needs to skim off a good-sized national layer of bright, ambitious, and good-hearted folks who must be kept employed, and satisfied, if the corporate oligarchy wishes to keep control.  Social control is maintained by that thin but wide layer of natural born leaders that essentially get bought off with good jobs.  If they still have a conscience they join the Sierra Club.

That group is now on the ledge - fearing that they will soon be pushed over - to fall likely into the declining welfare system - imagine falling from one safety net to the other, each with gaping holes.  Ouch.

When this "executive layer" falls out of grace the political momentum will pick up across our land.  Our work now is to connect with them to ensure they have open hearts and understand the deeply wounded moment we are in as we see our Mother Earth in toxic shock.  We must ask the question:  "Can we now all get on with the real program"?......

What say you my friend?


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