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Saturday, December 07, 2013


On December 4 the Catholic Priests’ Association for Justice officially states, ‘Out, Park Geun-Hye.’ 

Their statement reads: 

Whenever resisting to power, the history has demanded heavy price to the churches. The history of martyr tainted with blood plainly proves. However, Resistance is the pulse of faith.

The Catholic Priests’ Association for Justice, respecting the Jeonjoo Diocese that has denounced on unjust Election and claimed on the resignation of President states [on Nov. 22]:

Even though inquiring on the responsibility of unjust election would bring into suffering, we would not avoid this cross. To be silent despite the witness of the injustice of the era, it is the dereliction of priests.

The Advent is the period of purification through attendance and atonement with the waiting for new sky, new land.

We will never withdraw from facing against injustice.


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