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Monday, December 09, 2013


The Navy base project in Gangjeong village on Jeju Island, South Korea now scars the coast.  It is important to remember that prior to the US deciding it would "pivot" 60% of its military forces into the Asia-Pacific, this village was declared a "special environmental preservation area" by the federal government, and that was in addition to the designating of Jeju the "Island of Peace" by the national government.

The US need for more bases, ports-of-call, airfields and barracks due to Obama's military pivot to surround China clearly trumped South Korean national preservation declarations.  Uncle Sam gets what he wants when he wants it or else!

Now the coastline is a friggin mess.  Lately there is talk (not surprisingly) about the need for an air base on Jeju as well.  After all, these Navy admirals will need a place to land their private special jets when their wives return from shopping trips to Seoul. 

Samsung is the lead construction contractor for the Navy base.  Boycott Samsung products!

We all have to deal with our arrogance and externally imposed feelings of insecurity.


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