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Wednesday, July 03, 2013


Who says non-violent protest can't win?

Who ever becomes the new leader will know that he is on a short leash.  And the people are starting to take control of the other end of the leash.  To make things happen in a good way you've got to stay on the case in a situation like this.  Once the change is made the people have to stay involved and keep building more pressure or everything will slip through our hands.

The mistake that was made in the US after the election of Obama was that the liberals who put him into power then went to sleep and were afraid to hold their new "leader" accountable for his lies and his double-dealing. 

The arrogance of the Obama administration was manifested at an all-time high with the 13-hour kidnapping yesterday of Bolivia's President Evo Morales.  Thinking that NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden might be on the plane carrying Morales back home from a meeting in Moscow, the US had France, Portugal, and Spain deny free air passage to the plane.   The presidential plane was forced to divert to Austria where it was thoroughly searched by Austrian officials to see if Snowden was on board.  The Bolivian foreign minister charges the US with threatening the life of the Morales because the plane was running low on fuel. 

It is quite likely that the Obama administration was doing to Morales what it has been doing to whistleblowers, journalists, and international opponents of neo-liberalism: intimidating them.

In essence, the White House and the military-industrial complex-surveillance state apparatus were putting world leaders who might be contemplating granting asylum to Snowden on notice: "We can reach you anywhere: don't mess with us by giving Snowden a refuge from our prosecution of him."

The US has reached a new low in the world.  Why anyone, in any country, would trust the US corporate controlled government now is beyond me.


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