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Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Bradley Manning has been found guilty of all charges except the "aiding the enemy" one.

I remember being told in school that democracy only worked if the people had the information about what our government was doing so we could take proper corrective actions and decisions.  The people are supposed to rule.

But as our nation's foreign and military policy has become an extension of global corporate operations those in power are increasingly keeping secrets from us because they know the people would not be happy if we knew the whole sordid story about what is actually going on in our name.

Bradly Manning was acting as a patriot by sharing the gruesome details about what "our" government has been up to.  For that he has been called a traitor and put on trial.  Now he is likely to be sentenced for years to come.

But in my mind Manning is a hero.  He has given his life so that the people can know the truth.  Now it is our turn.  Do we just let Manning's extraordinary act of selflessness and bravery go unrewarded or do we come alive and demand an end to our corporate driven wars and political corruption for resource extraction around the globe?



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