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Thursday, July 25, 2013


Last night Victoria and I spoke to more than 50 folks (a very diverse group) at the historic Trades Hall in Melbourne.  The Trades Hall was built in 1859 by workers as a rallying point for the labor movement, following the successful Eight Hour Day campaign of 1856.

I was here 10 years ago when the Global Network held our annual space organizing conference in this magnificent building.

Our talk was expertly facilitated by Richard Tanter from The Nautilus Institute for Security and Sustainability.  He is an expert on the Australian military and the growing US military presence in this country.  He also showed himself to be quite up-to-date on US military space policy.

This morning Victoria and I were interviewed on a progressive radio station.

Following the radio show we were brought back to Trades Hall to meet with the 15 members of the Executive Committee of the Victoria Trades Hall Council.  The listened attentively to each of us and then passed a motion calling on their country to stay neutral and independent during this US pivot into the region.  Once I get a copy of the motion I'll post it here on the blog along with a photo of this beautiful Trades Hall.

It's cold and wet here, quite a change from the heat of Darwin, Manila, and Hawaii.  I had to borrow a coat from my host Nic Maclellan who is an expert researcher and journalist on Pacific issues.  Nic and I met some years ago (neither of us can remember where or when) but he has been on our mailing list for a long time and follows the work of the Global Network closely.  We've been having some great discussions about the "pivot" and it is great to get his informed perspective on things.  He also made a fine bowl of tomato soup for lunch when we arrived yesterday from Darwin.  Just what the doctor ordered on a cold day.

We have a lunch meeting with various activists (including some who could not make it to our talk last night).  Victoria and I fly out tonight to Sydney which will be my last stop before heading home.


Anonymous Dale Hess said...

Bruce, It was great to see you today, even though it was brief. Very best wishes as you continue the tour and safe journey. Dale

7/26/13, 12:36 AM  

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