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Saturday, November 28, 2009


Choi Eun-A (on right), Lee Kyu-Jae (middle) and Lee Kyeong-Won (on left) just after release from jail

The PKAR three, activists from the Pan-Korean Alliance for Reunification, were unexpectedly released from jail yesterday before their trials had finished. The case will now move from the Seoul District Court where they had been on trial to the Constitutional Court. In legal terms I am not sure what all this means but it appears to be a victory for the three in their fight to be freed from charges under the cruel National Security Law.

The three activists have been in jail since last May and were facing several years in prison for working for the reunification of Korea and for calling for an end to all US military forces on the Korean peninsula.

You might recall me writing previously that Eun-A had taken part in the Global Network's annual space organizing conference in Seoul last April, just one month before they were arrested. On recent trips to South Korea I was able to visit Eun-A in jail and also attend their trial for a couple of hours.

Below is a short interview with Eun-A by Sung-Hee Choi on the evening of their release.


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