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Saturday, May 16, 2009


Our friend Sung-Hee Choi reports that our petition in support of the arrested six Korean reunification activists has been warmly welcomed by activists in her country. (Those who were arrested are still in detention.)

The petition, with 740 signatures of groups and activists from around the world, was sent by us to the Korean Consulate at the United Nations on Thursday. The cover letter (pictured above) has been reprinted in several Korean newspapers along with the full list of names. See it here.

It was a small gesture on our part but an important one to help in this effort to show support and solidarity with these detained activists in Korea.

An injury to one is an injury to all.

One thing I noticed was that in places like the Czech Republic and in Italy, where they are also organizing to stop US military bases, the people in those places completely identified with the plight of the Koreans.

Here are the words from Vicenza, Italy where a huge campaign has been resisting the expansion of a US Air Force Base. The Pentagon says the bigger base is needed for expected military operations in Africa.

"We are pleased to forward the support of the Presidio Permanente No Dal Molin, Vicenza , Italy. We feel very close to you and to the Korean Friends.

Even in Italy, during the last few months, and even yesterday, the Government has been implementing new restrictions under the cover of 'National Security'.

In several cases it’s easy to feel and see how 'National Security' is an excuse and a strategy to try to close the mouth to citizens and movements that still have the courage to express their opinions.

South and North Korea should be proud to have people dedicating their life to the goal of national reunification without militarization.

Thank you for your resistance. We are with you."

Presidio Permanente No Dal Molin, Vicenza , Italy


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