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I'm back to work for the Global Network. Will continue to help Lisa Savage for US Senate campaign on my free time. Trying to self-isolate as much as possible. Best wishes and good luck to you all.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


The Korean people have been through hell and back. During WW II they suffered the occupation of fascist Japan. Then after the war, when the Americans "took control," the US put Korean collaborators with the Japanese occupiers in charge of the country which only served to continue the brutal repression of the people. Then came the dividing of the country into North and South and the Korean War. Since then there has been more right-wing control, firmly backed by the US, with an occasional periods of "liberalization".

The pro-democracy movements in Korea have been strong and determined. In the 1960's student demonstrations led to the fall of one dictatorship only to be replaced by another. In the 1980's another democratization movement rose up, including the Kwangju Uprising, which resulted in more than 2,000 citizens being killed by the government. (May 18 is the 29th anniversary of the Kawangju uprising.)

Many in South Korea are comparing the present crack down on democracy in their country to another period of dictatorship. The people in Korea cry out for international support.

The moving song in the video was written by the famous resistance poet Kim Chi Ha and is sung by Kim Kwang Suk, a popular folk singer who committed suicide.

It has been a long time since my mind has forgotten you,
It has been a long time since my footsteps have forgotten you,
Only a memory of a parched thirst in my burning heart
Makes me write your name secretly,
With a parched thirst, a parched thirst

--Long Live Democracy!

The recollection of vibrant freedom is coming back,
The image of bloody faces of friends is coming back,
Shivering hands, shivering heart,
With shuddering fury, I write on a wooden board with a chalk,
With a parched thirst, a parched thirst

--Long Live Democracy!


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