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Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Here is the CBS TV's "60 Minutes" story on Unmanned Aerial Vehicle's (UAV). It is not a critical piece of journalism but is simply a piece of war promotional propaganda.

These systems (called Predator and Reaper) are the ones killing so many civilians in Afghanistan and Pakistan today. The reason the Pentagon gave "access" to 60 Minutes to do this story is because of the growing numbers of innocent people they are killing. This propaganda piece is to reassure the American people. Designed to show us that the Pentagon is careful to ensure the sanctity of life.

These "stand-off" weapons, controlled from satellites, are flown by soldiers using remote controlled joy-sticks while sitting inside Creech Air Force Base near Las Vegas, Nevada. It's war from space on the cheap.

These space directed systems for modern warfare will be the theme of our Keep Space for Peace Week this coming October 3-10. See our new poster here. You can order the poster for $3 each or five for $12.


Anonymous Samm SImpson said...

Bruce - thanks for posting this. McDill, right around the bend down here in Florida, is where the video kill game is mostly waged. And now, they've trained an entire generation that death via video is bloodless.

Seems it's all training for watching all of us - and taking anyone out that is deemed a "problem."

The door to this, in a non military way, is the insidious National Animal ID system.
May God have mercy on us.

So glad that you and so many others are on the right side of history.

Samm SImpson
Dunedin, Florida

5/13/09, 10:49 AM  

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