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Saturday, June 03, 2023

Austro-Hungarian forum on neutrality in Budapest


Budapest, Saturday, June 3, 2023 (MB)

An Austrian-Hungarian forum consultation was held in Budapest on Friday evening, organized by the Forum for Peace movement, the correspondent of the Hungarian Community for Peace reported.

On behalf of the Austrian Coalition for Peace and Neutrality, engineer Wilhelm Langthaler gave an introductory presentation, followed by an informal conversation with the participants. He said their coalition sees Austria’s neutrality as a core national value and wants to defend it against those who have pushed for Vienna to abandon it and join NATO against Russia.

As early as 1995, when Austria joined the European Union, attempts were made to dissuade Austria from its neutrality, but its integration into NATO met with popular resistance and stalled. At that time, the population was approx. two-thirds of them protested against the plan, 90 percent are now against joining NATO and insist on the neutral status enshrined in the constitution, he said.

In the circles of the political, economic and military elite, they are still inclined to give up neutrality, which is why their social coalition draws the public’s attention to the threat to the peace of the country with more and more demonstrations. A few days ago, they protested in front of the Austrian presidential office due to the proposal of the head of state Alexander Van der Bellen that the Austrian government send soldiers to Ukraine against Russia.

Austria’s neutrality is due to the fact that in World War II the Soviet Union defeated Nazi Germany, which also occupied Austria. “Our neutrality rests on anti-fascist and Russian friendship” said Langthaler.

The speaker admitted that, according to his experience, the Austrian left, which is in principle on the side of peace, shows far-reaching passivity towards the cause of peace and neutrality.

The existing unipolar world order can no longer be maintained, the peace movement can contribute to the world order of confrontation giving way to the order of peaceful cooperation.

Wilhelm Langthaler expressed the opinion that the peace of the countries of Central and Eastern Europe can be guaranteed through neutrality.

A joint statement will be issued on the goal of Hungarian-Austrian cooperation and ways to achieve it, the correspondent of the Békekör learned.

Edited by Magyar Békekör 


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