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Thursday, November 03, 2022

The Economic War 'bombing' Italy & Europe


By Manlio Dinucci (Associazione per un Mondo senza Guerre- CNGNN, Italy)

As the crisis worsens, the "Goldman Sachs government ", the powerful US investment bank, is strengthening in Europe: that is, the appointment of politicians belonging to the financial elite to high government positions. After Mario Draghi as head of the Italian government, another "Goldman Sachs man", Rishi Sunak, is put in charge of the British government: an expert in hedge funds, he married the daughter of an Indian billionaire who put him in charge of one of his financial companies. He has a similar career to French President Emmanuel Macron, who trained in the US investment  Rothschild bank.

These and other politicians, who at the same time hold key positions in the European Union, drag Europe into the abyss of crisis by playing Washington's game. Eurozone inflation marks another record hitting 10% in September. At the origin, there is a huge increase in gas prices, caused by the sanctions on Russia. Low-priced Russian gas is increasingly being replaced in the EU by expensive US liquefied natural gas (LNG) based on the reference price of the Amsterdam Stock Exchange controlled by a large US financial company. 

At the same time, Italy is prevented from importing cheap oil and gas from Libya, as the Italian government "recognizes" and finances the Tripoli puppet government  and declares the real Libyan government in Benghazi, "illegal". In the interview conducted by Michelangelo Severgnini, an important political exponent of Benghazi - Abdul Hadi Al-Huweej, former Foreign Minister of the Al-Thani Government, and secretary of the Libyan Future Party - declares that the Benghazi government can supply Italy with oil and gas at prices much lower than market prices and can offer Italian companies great job opportunities in Libya.

Hence the need for Italy on the one hand to abolish sanctions on Russia and reopen Russian gas imports, and on the other to make an economic agreement with Benghazi. To do this, Italy needs to come out of the military, economic, political, media, and ideological war - that is overwhelming our lives: a vital objective of the  ITALY OUT OF WAR Campaign which, launched a few days ago, is gathering growing support.  

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