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Sunday, October 02, 2022

Space week events underway


Around 100 young Engineering students participated in this program. Condemned the NATO Expansion to Sky and the supporting of Ukraine government with Supply of war Material.

Many lecturers participated in this Program.

Prabhakar Jalluri
Visakhapatnam, India 
In Bath, Maine yesterday we had 27 people from across the state gather at Bath Iron Works (General Dynamics) for Keep Space for Peace Week. 
As it turned out it was family day at the Navy shipyard so legions of workers and their families came to walk through the yard and climb aboard an Aegis destroyer. 
One woman in a car stopped and yelled at us for 'exposing' her children to a peaceful protest.

I carried a sign outlining the 2008 test called Operation Burnt Frost where an SM-3 interceptor missile was fired into space and knocked out an aging US military satellite by an Aegis destroyer. This proved that these missiles onboard the warship could also function as an 'anti-satellite weapon' (ASAT).


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