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Friday, February 19, 2021

What some folks are saying.....

Some interesting responses to various posts I've been making on social media.  Always wonder what folks are thinking and what they want to do about what is happening around us.

  • America is the most cruel nation among its peers — even among most poor countries today. It is something like a new Rome. It has little, if any, functioning healthcare, education, transport, media, no safety nets, no stability, security. The middle class is collapsing, and life expectancy is falling. Young people die for a lack of insulin they cannot crowdfund. Elderly middle-class people live and die in their cars. Kids massacre each other in schools — when they’re not self-medicating the pain of it all away. The combination of these pathologies happens nowhere else — not a single place — in the world. Not even Pakistan, Costa Rica, or Rwanda. The world is aghast daily at the depths of American cruelty — yet somehow, they seem bottomless. 
  • , , , and so heartless. I really do want to believe that we can and will overcome , but it is up to all of us who care enough to stand up and be counted. In solidarity with your post.
  • oh for Christ's sake
  • US mind set still stuck in the old Cold War, product of even deeper arrogant white exceptionalism brewing for 400 years.
  • Every winter [US Marines do] training on Mt Washington, New Hampshire too
  • Yeah [US Marines] training in Norway so they can make way to invade Russia.
  • Blimey!...Madness...boondoggle
  • Ww111 coming up


  • They launch these things over water. Worst case some fuel falls into the ocean. No mushroom clouds.
  • my grandpa: the best way to suicide is to trust an politican
  • Great! That article on the front of Space Alert #40 is brilliant too (although very disturbing) and should be spread far and wide. Thanks so much for it. You’re all brilliant. 
  • Use a nuclear reactor to generate heat for a reaction engine, or use a big aluminized mylar mirror to generate heat for a reaction engine: How to decide? Which one costs at least 100 times more, weighs at least 20 times more, and requires you to carry and look after a load of hot radioactive poison? No contest: The option that shovels tens to hundreds of millions of dollars into the pockets of "defense contractors" who reliably pay perfectly legal kickbacks wins every time.You can't change the laws of physics... or the perverse incentives driving fraud, waste and abuse in the military industrial complex. 
  • business and war is today the same 
  • Actually I think we should take more responsibility here in the US for our own inability to keep the class struggle moving in a positive direction....
  • Too much army period! Defund, disarm, discharge back to a real life and being human...
  • I thought that to threaten war was a war crime, of itself. It appears the biggest problem is the existence of militaries, no matter where they come from. The entire world needs to disarm while it still can.
  • I want World Peace. I am not crazy; warmongers are.
  • Having too much material wealth makes humans insane.
  • Typical American Empire arrogance.....
  • Utter madness - how to get a message through to them [US government] to ask them if they have forgotten that.......Nuclear weapons are now illegal...... 
  • WOW! the Mars Perseverance Rover has landed on Mars! Incredible technology and as NASA called the landing...."Seven minutes of terror". I have to say that I can't see the point of this! (if anyone wants to comment - please - only polite, civil comments!). We have so much here to sort out and find solutions to benefit the human race.....DISCUSS!
  • Plutonium-powered Perseverance rover landed on Mars today. How much plutonium is there already either in the crashed landings or the successful-but-never-to-be-returned-to-Earth ones creating a nuclear waste dump? NASA cares nothing about the ecosystem of Mars. And who gave the U.S. or the other countries permission to land there?
  • Perseverance Mars rover has 10.6 pounds of plutonium dioxide onboard and the "Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement for the Mars 2020 Mission" sets the odds of a release of the plutonium during the mission as having "a probability of 1 in 960."  


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