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Monday, November 30, 2020

Let's clear this up....


Several people have asked if I am sorry that Trump lost.  This question has emerged largely because I have been a frequent critical poster here and on Fazebook about Biden's incoming warmongering 'national security' crew.

So let me say without hesitation that I was absolutely opposed to Trump's reelection.  There, I hope that clarifies things.

But, I was also totally opposed to Biden's election as well.  I voted for the Green Party presidential candidate Howie Hawkins.  I was thrilled to vote for him - I don't often get to vote for someone that I fully support. And it was a Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) election in Maine for the presidential race.

I did the same in Maine's US Senate race where I voted for the Independent candidate Lisa Savage which was also an RCV race. The Democrat raised $70 million during the campaign and lost to the incumbent Republican Susan Collins who was equally bad on most important issues. Again, I was very happy to have someone to vote for who I truly believed in.

So I will continue to show no love nor respect for Trump or Biden.

I've been thru this drill quite a few times in my life - particularly when Bill Clinton and Barack Obama were elected.  I didn't vote for either of them - I voted for third party candidates in those races.  I was working full-time as a peace organizer and had no intention in voting for Democrats who carried water for Wall Street and the military industrial complex.

The last Democrat I voted for in a presidential election was Walter Mondale in 1984 - and I later regretted doing that. 

This cartoon by my long-time Florida friend and co-worker Will Park tells the story quite well about how I felt when Clinton took over for George H. W. Bush (former director of the CIA).  (You can click on the cartoons for a better view.) Will labelled Clinton as 'Republican Lite'.

Then once George W. Bush became president in 2001 (after his team cheated in Florida where I was living at the time) he started the criminal 2003 'shock and awe' attack of Iraq.  Sen. Joe Biden was a huge cheerleader for the US launching that war and occupation and again Will Park hit the nail right on the head with this cartoon. (You'll notice Biden featured in this masterpiece on the lower right side.)


I don't forget which political hacks have betrayed the public trust and gone off starting war$ and doing other similar evil deeds. I'd never allow myself to vote for these bastards.

So that is my response to those who might wonder if I am a secret Trump fan.  I'm not. 



Blogger Dan said...

Like you, I voted Green in the Clinton/Trump election but later regretted it. There was no doubt in my mind which candidate would win that election. It was so obvious to me and many others that Clinton would win by a landslide. Imagine my shock when the next president became the buffoon Donald Trump. This election I did not vote Green. My thinking was - and still is - that I didn't vote for Biden, I voted against Trump. I really don't have any confidence that Biden will make any significant change, if any at all. In fact, I think he is only a small step up from a Trump administration. But any step is better than none. Another shock to me is how many devoted followers the clearly dangerous Trump has, and how close the election was. I guess my only hope is that the American population will be able to force a more positive future without losing lives. I think we are still in for a very dark time. The only positive outlook is that it won't be someone who is truly and so obviously unstable.

12/2/20, 9:11 AM  

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