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Monday, August 31, 2020

'Civilian' spaceport coming to Brunswick, Maine?

Legislation is brewing in Augusta, Maine (state capital) to allow such a thing - likely with state tax breaks as well. 
Similar deal was thrust on the residents of Kodiak Island, Alaska some years ago. Few civilian launches yet - just a series of Pentagon Star Wars tests.
The same launch corporation that built the Kodiak Island spaceport wanted to build one in Hawaii as well but public rejection of the idea has so far blocked it.
Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and others want to launch more than 5,000 5G satellites into space so that every human on Earth will always have a 5G connection over their heads. But they need more launch facilities and places to build rockets. 
So states and local governments are being hit up to give tax breaks to the aerospace industry. Big promises of jobs. They don't talk about the environmental destruction (especially ground water contamination from launch fuel)....and the major military connections.

Video by Will Griffin for the Global Network.


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