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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Unfinished bizness

  • It was quiet around here in Brunswick for almost two months. Now folks hope the virus is over and they are starting to hit the streets again.  Car traffic is picking up.  In 14 of Maine's 16 counties things are starting to open again.  The other two counties (York and Cumberland) are still mostly on lock down.  I live in Cumberland County.

  • Dentists are clamoring to open as they report that infections and such are on the rise which could lead to serious illness.  I can relate to this concern since for the past two weeks I've had a tooth infection and need it pulled.  My regular dentist examined me last week and agreed that we should pull the tooth, but I've had to wait another week to see a surgeon.  I go in today - I'll be glad to stop taking the pain pills.  I hate to take medications.

  • Like many, I agree that the best part of the virus pandemic has been the slow down of life and our massive ugly polluting impact on the natural world. So in a way it breaks my heart to see things ramp up again.  Back to hustling, endless growth, money-mongering, war-mongering and all the rest that comes with a capitalist, consumerist, car culture.  Ugh....

  • Gotta put down the guns, all religion is one, politicians only want to blind you, break to give out your love.  'Unfinished Business' - a song by Dave Davies (The Kinks).  These words are his as I listen to the song while I type this.  I often do this when I write - take words, phrases or thoughts from songs and try to plug them into a poem or a post.  Peace is the only way....unfinished business.  Yeah...

  • The artwork above is from friend Russell Wray in Hancock, Maine who is a great advocate and defender of sea life.  He made this banner for one of our past peace walks across Maine.  He does amazing sculpture of nature.  We have one of his etchings on the wall in our home.  See his website here



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