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Friday, March 13, 2020

The 'Dem exit' begins.....

It's the number one topic today - Biden vs Bernie

Bernie came out on TV and said 'Biden could beat Trump.'  How's that for capitulation as the corporate oligarchy clamps down on the Democratic party process?

Enough talk about socialism - shut it down - just like Occupy movement was shut down during Obama.

They are going to drain us now under Coronavirus
Loss of jobs, economic swing-down
who is gonna suffer?
Who is gonna go hungry?
Who will be homeless?
Who will go without health care and have their limp bodies
tossed into a heap
and buried with one big push of dirt
from a bulldozer,
just like the US did to
innocent thousands
in Panama
during that 1989 invasion
'Operation Just Cause'

Like with all
military assaults
Madison Avenue
has a big role to play.
will put together a
detailed and coordinated
PR campaign
to ensure that the
election in November
goes as planned.

The oligarchy runs two horses
in every race....
Why take any chances?

The more the public
gives up,
walks away,
makes certain
that Mr. Big
can slide safely
into home plate.

Real push back
must come
from the people
uniting locally around
movements and voices
that speak the hard truths
to the cringing and stunned masses

It will take great courage
for the public
to connect with real
while Mr. Big's media,
and Wall Street
map out the coming
period of neo-feudalism


Here are a few comments on YouTube videos that discuss the current frustration with Bernie's weak finish in the Democratic party process.

TheSaltLakers When I made a small donation to The Bernie Sanders campaign I was surprised to get a thank you card that said "Thank you and please vote for my friend Joe Biden."

Peter Sepall  The corporate media is a public relations cartel for concentrated wealth. Expecting it to provide anything but a self serving narrative is profoundly naive.
Edward Siegel  I vote for progressive populists - I don't vote for D's or R's - The purpose of parties is to polarize the people against their own interests to favor their patrons.

ashitaka Of the amishi  Screw Biden, and screw Democrats. After this year I'm done with them. Bernie or Bust 2020!!!
upnorthgir  After this sham of a primary has reared its ugly head, the Democratic party is DONE, they just gave their constituents the middle finger and told them to fall in line because you have nowhere else to go. Guess what, the constituents are going.....they are done with the party and it's corrupt corporatist pandering. The DNC just lost its base. The party as we once knew it, is done.
Elizabeth's Music and Arts   I have lived and worked all over Virginia my entire life-- from the rural Southern areas where my students literally passed out in class on the regular because they didn't have adequate medical Care and can't afford it, to Central Virginia where I watched my students who don't ever have any food at home organize to find a place to eat on days when school doesn't provide breakfast and lunch, to northern Virginia where, despite the high overall salaries, many workers are still in constant fear of being laid off and there are plenty of people still working in wal-mart and Uber.
mr magoo  Come on folks... everything's going according to the plan. Bernie's a fraud  
Pepito Delospalotes  He doesn't want to win !!! It gets obvious day by day that Bernie is Controlled opposition rallying progressives to hand them to the anointed DNC candidate 

PM ScroMo  The Corporate Democrats know they have lost this one. They have lost many before. But to them it is far more important to lose to Trump than to an FDR like candidate during a global recession.
 Sean Harvey  I learned something important from Bernie - don't back somebody even if they support the right issues if they are not willing to fight everybody who opposes those issues. That lesson cost me 216 dollars. I wish I could transfer that money to Tulsi, who is a natural born fighter.  
Jaideep Paul  Bern betrayed Tulsi when she stood up for him, then he betrayed Tulsi, again, then betrayed his base, again, who stand by him. 
George Carter  "Joe Biden is a friend of mine and I'll be right there for him when the Democratic Party formally steals the nomination from me and gives it to him in Milwaukee" - Bernie Sanders. 
Patrick Connor  I was resistant to the idea that Bernie’s role is of sheepdog to herd the wayward flock back into the tent but am now starting to wonder..
Matt Purvis  He STILL thinks he can convince the establishment to play nice, and adopt his ideas. Is Sanders really that naive? Answer: apparently so.  

K T  I don't care Biden is a relic, if he's chosen by the DNC I've lost all hope, not that there was much, in the USA electoral process. Democracy is at an all time low, the corruption is so bad
Teyi Latevi Lawson  Watching all the drama of the Primaries from France and UK . I will just say this Bernie reminds me of the former UK party leader Jeremy Corbyn who lost the election against Boris Johnson. Bernie just do not have what it takes to be President. They are things you just cannot say, his strategy is very naïve just like was Corbyn's. 
Harley Stout  In my experience, most people my age (Early 20s) have no idea what a primary is, or when their state votes. That could be a huge reason why turnout is so low. I was one of those people in 2016. More needs to be done to get these people informed.  
Tom  Biden’s whole career has been an act of manipulation using lies and misrepresentation.  
Eleventy Won  It's very clear at this point. The democratic establishment would prefer another four years of Trump to Bernie Sanders. I've probably never seen a more clear-cut example of corruption in my life. It's rather insane.  
ani  The mainstream media like CNN and MSNBC are covering him [Biden]. It is like Democracy is dead in America. The media is not doing its job. The people of America are being cheated by DNC and the mainstream media.  
The National Razor  The Democratic party is just to provide the iLLUSION of a choice. 
MoneyThink  Heck, I'm 68 years old, and I don't see how they can reach out to ME. Democrats have no credibility. Republicans have no credibility. They are now both the enemy.
nrf91  "It's too late baby now, it's too late..." ... 4 years of lying about, smearing and cheating Bernie Sanders and the progressive movement and you think we're going to fall in line because you patted us on the head? Nope. You had your chance to embrace us and you chose to embrace the same old neoliberal class warriors for the wealthy. 


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