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The collapsing US military & economic empire is making Washington & NATO even more dangerous. US could not beat the Taliban but thinks it can take on China-Russia-Iran...a sign of psychopathology for sure. @BruceKGagnon

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Space week action list now forming

October 5-12, 2019

Keep Space for Peace Week
International Week of Protest to Stop the Militarization of Space
No Space Force
No Missile Defense
Close U.S./NATO Bases Worldwide
Stop Drones Surveillance & Killing
End Privatization of Foreign/Military Policy
Convert the Military Industrial Complex
Deal with climate change and global poverty
Support the Green New Deal

List in formation

•    Andover, Massachusetts (Oct 10) Merrimack Valley People for Peace will dedicate its weekly Thursday morning vigil at Raytheon Corporation (where they build ‘missile defense’ radars) to Keep Space for Peace. 350 Lowell St. (Rte 133) 7AM to 8AM.  

•   Asheville, North Carolina (Oct 5-12) Each day during the week, members of the local chapter of Veterans for Peace will vigil and conduct a walkabout downtown for an hour carrying the No to NATO banner and passing out flyers. Contact Ken Jones at

•    Augusta, Maine (Oct 11)  Women in Black has entered the 17th year of continually holding weekly peace vigils in Augusta in front of Lithgow Public Library on Friday from 12:30 to 1:00 PM. 

•    Bath Iron Works, Maine (Oct 5) Vigil across from administration building on Washington Street (Navy Aegis destroyers outfitted with “missile defense” systems built at BIW) 11:30-12:30 am   Smilin’ Trees Disarmament Farm (207) 763-4062

•    Belfast, Maine (Oct 6) Waldo County Peace & Justice vigil at Resistance Corner (High & Maine St) from noon to 1:00 pm.  

•    Blantyre, Malawi, Southern Africa (Oct 10) People’s Federation for National Peace & Development will organize a peace workshop. 

•    Bombay, India (Oct 5-12) Dr. Leo Rebello has committed to Lecture in Colleges, Schools, NGOs on topics listed above. He has also put the space week notification on Facebook Groups, Twitter etc. 

•    Brunswick, Maine (Oct 11) PeaceWorks weekly vigil (since 9/11) on town green from 5:00-5:30 pm.  Will hold peace in space signs and banners. 

•    Creech Air Force Base, Indian Springs, Nevada (Sept 29-Oct 5) 10 YEARS of DRONE RESISTANCE at Creech.  Drone resistance mass mobilization. The U.S. Racist Drone Wars continue to expand around the globe, terrorizing and murdering the most vulnerable and poorest of communities, violating the national sovereignty of people and threatening us all into a much higher chance for an all-out nuclear confrontation.  These are covert wars. Much is censored and hidden from the public, but it doesn’t mean it isn’t happening! Contact: Toby Blomé:  or Eleanor Levine: 

•    USAF Croughton, England (Oct 5) USAF Croughton is about to undergo one of the biggest redevelopments since it was constructed by the USAF almost 70 years ago. The new ‘Joint Intelligence Analysis Complex’ will put the site at the heart of a web of military and intelligence networks stretching from the USA to Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. March & rally at main gate from 12-4 pm. Oxfordshire Peace Campaign, 

•    Harrogate, England (Oct 12) Public meeting with speakers & refreshments organised by Menwith Hill Accountability Campaign & Yorkshire CND.  Dave Webb (as Global Network convenor) will speak on how Menwith NSA/NRO spy base fits in the US global military spread and the idea of a space force. At 7:00 pm, Harrogate Friends Meeting House, 12a Queen Parade, (wheelchair access and hearing loop).  Contact for enquiries 01765 600928 

•    Kathmandu, Nepal (Oct 16-17) Global Network Coordinator Bruce Gagnon will speak on space issues at various colleges across Kathmandu.  For details 

•    King of Prussia, Pennsylvania (Oct 12) Noon - 2p.m., Lockheed Martin, 230 Mall Boulevard (immediately behind the King of Prussia Mall at Mall and Goddard Blvds.) - From Drone Warfare to Nuclear War preparations and Trump's 'STAR FORCE': Protest and 'Reach-Out' continues at the world's largest war profiteer. Sights n' Sounds, drums, whistles, banners, signs, and more. Brandywine Peace Community     484-574-1148

•    Leicester, England (Oct 6) Weaving Hope for the Future.  With major threats to our planet we will be finding hope through dance, poetry and storytelling.  Castle Gardens Maypole from 2-4 pm.  Leicester CND. 

•    Limerick, Ireland (Oct 5-6) World BEYOND War’s fourth annual global conference on the abolition of war will be held on October 5th and 6th and include a rally on the 6th at Shannon Airport, where U.S. military forces routinely pass through in violation of Irish neutrality and of laws against war. 

•    Menwith Hill, England (Oct 8) Keep Space for Peace demonstration at 6:00 – 7:30 pm at the Main gates of U.S. NSA/NRO spy base Menwith Hill, HG3 2SW, speakers to be confirmed.  

•    Milan, Italy (Oct 3) Public debate entitled US/NATO Bases: Defense or Danger.  Organized by CNGNN Italy. 

•    Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Oct 11) Showing the award-winning documentary ‘Pax Americana and the Weaponization of Space’ at 7 PM at the Peace Center on 1001 E Keefe Ave. Sponsored by Peace Action WI, co-sponsored by Women' International League for Peace and Freedom, Veterans for Peace, Milwaukee and more.

•    Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Oct 12) Will have a demonstration to Keep Space for Peace at Noon to 1:00 pm, location to be announced. 

•    Nagpur, India (Oct 5 & 12) S.E.C. Railway Pensioners Association and Progressive Railway Women's Organisation will hold demonstrations on 5th and 12th October.

•    Toronto, Canada (Oct 9) Vigil, outside the NATO Association of Canada office, 48 Yonge Street, from 12-1pm. Organized by the Canadian Voice of Women for Peace. 

•    Tucson, Arizona (Oct 10) Peace vigil at Davis-Monthan AFB at 7:00 - 8:00 a.m.  Air National Guard troops at Davis-Monthan are remotely piloting UAV's (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) that are firing guided bombs and missiles and killing more civilians than targeted "terrorists" in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Pakistan and possibly more sovereign nations.  A-10 warplanes that train out of Davis-Monthan are responsible for the vast majority of radioactive ammunition - estimated at well over 400 tons - used in Iraq since 1991. Signs provided, or bring your own!  More info:

•    Vandenberg Air Force Base, California (Oct 2) Keep Space for Peace Week protest at space warfare base from 3:45 to 4:45 pm at the Main Gate.  Parking at Vandenberg Middle School.  Call Dennis at (805) 343-6322 for info or questions.

•    Visakhapatnam, India (Oct 12-13) International Conference on Super Powers' Dominion in Outer Space & Global Sustainable Development, Co-Sponsored by Damodaram Sanjivayya National Law University and the Global Network. Speakers will include Professor Peter Kuznick, Subrata Ghoshroy from MIT, Lindis Percy from UK, Professor Aruna Kammila and Bruce Gagnon. People of our planet must consider the question of the kind of seed one carries from earth into the heavens.  The essential objective of this Conference is to give a stage to exhibit emerging issues and challenges in outer space, including legal, political, economic as well as scientific in order to   ensure peace and security in the international sphere with concern to outer space. For details 

•    White House, Washington DC (Oct 11-12) Rage Against the War Machine. Starting at the White House and march to the Pentagon. The nuclear clock is at two minutes to midnight - we must unite for peace and against the war machine.  A Conference, the Anti-Imperialist Revolution Summit, will be held the next day on Oct 12. For more info 

•    Washington DC (Oct 7) The Pentagon: Tuesday at 7-8 AM. Will Hold Keep Space for Peace and No Weapons in Space signs at weekly Dorothy Day Catholic Worker Peace Vigil. 

•    Washington DC (Oct 11) The White House: Friday at 12 Noon –1:00 PM. Will Hold Keep Space for Peace and No Weapons in Space signs at weekly Dorothy Day Catholic Worker Peace Vigil.   

Space Week Co-Sponsors:
•    March on the Pentagon: Rage Against the War Machine
•    No to War – No to NATO
•    US Peace Council
•    Veterans For Peace
•    Women’s International League for Peace & Freedom

Space Week poster here

Space Week promo video by Will Griffin here

Friday, September 13, 2019

So many scoundrels in Washington

Listen to "Saying NO to the militarization of space" on Spreaker.

A regular Thursday segment deals with the ongoing militarization of space. As the US continues to withdraw from international arms treaties, will the weaponization and militarization of space bring the world closer to catastrophe?

Brian and John speak with Prof. Karl Grossman, a full professor of journalism at the State University of New York, College at Old Westbury and the host of a nationally aired television program focused on environmental, energy, and space issues, and with Bruce Gagnon, coordinator of the Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space.

End of the western hegemony on the planet

I regularly read articles by The Saker.  Much of my learning about Ukraine and Syria since late-2013 has come via his writings and other posts.  Find his site here.

Below is an instructive piece concerning French President Emmanuel Macron's recent speech where he appeared to do an about-face on western empire.  The Saker analyzes Macron's announcement that has been under-reported in the New York Times and the Washington Post - two pillars of empire.

One of the great fallacies with contemporary 'progressive' thought is that one must only read articles from people you agree with 100% of the time - especially from 'foreign' sources.  I'd suggest this is a key reason why most people in the U.S. are ignorant about much of the world.  They've swallowed the corporate oligarchies corralling propaganda that we are the 'exceptional' nation and that the rest of the world is full of shit.  Sadly this is a huge misjudgment and this colonial arrogance is another reason why the empire is collapsing today.  


By The Saker: 

Now let’s unpack these key [Macron] statements one by one:

1) “ great upheaval that is undoubtedly taking place for the first time in our history in almost every field and with a profoundly historic magnitude”

Here Macron sets the stage for some truly momentous observations: what will be discussed next is not only a major event, but one without precedent in history (whether French or European). Furthermore, what will be discussed next, affects “almost every field” and with huge historical implications.

2) “We are undoubtedly experiencing the end of Western hegemony over the world”

When I read that, my first and rather infantile reaction was to exclaim “really?! No kiddin’?! Who would have thought!?” After all, some of us have been saying that for a long, long while, but never-mind that. What is important is that even a Rothschild-puppet like Macron had to finally speak these words. Oh sure, he probably felt as happy as the Captain of the Titanic when he had to (finally!) order a general evacuation of this putatively unsinkable ship, but nonetheless – he did do it. From now on, the notion of the end of the western hegemony on the planet is no more relegated to what the leaders of the Empire and their propaganda machine like to call “fringe extremists” and has now fully entered the (supposedly) “respectable” and “mainstream” public discourse. This is a huge victory for all of us who have been saying the same things for years already.

3) “by the mistakes of Westerners in certain crises, by the choices that have been made by Americans for several years”

Here, again, I feel like engaging in some petty self-congratulation and want to say “I told you that too!”, but that would really be infantile, would it not? But yeah, while the internal contradictions of western materialism in general, and of AngloZionist Capitalism specifically, have been catching up with the Western World and while an eventual catastrophic crisis was inevitable, it also sure is true that western leaders mostly did it to themselves; at the very least, they dramatically accelerated these processes. In this context, I would single out the following politicians for a nomination to a medal for exceptional service in the destruction of the western hegemony over our long-suffering planet: Donald Trump and Barak Obama, of course, but also François Hollande and Emmanuel Macron (yes, he too even if he now changes his tune!), Angela Merkel, of course, and then last but not least, every single British Prime Minister since Margaret Thatcher (maybe with special commendation for Teresa May). Who knows, maybe they were all KGB/GRU/SVR agents after all? (just kiddin’!)

4) “ the emergence of new powers whose impact we have probably underestimated for a long time. China is at the forefront, but also the Russian strategy, which has, it must be said, been pursued more successfully in recent years”

Next, it’s not only China. Russia too is a major competitor, and a very successful one at that, hence the admission that in spite of all the efforts of the AngloZionist elites not only did the Empire not succeed in breaking Russia, but Russia has been very successful in defeating the western efforts. To those interested, I highly recommend this article by Jon Hellevig on the true state of the Russian economy. Finally, in military terms, Russia has achieved more than parity. In fact, I would argue that at least in terms of quality the Russian armed forces are ahead in several crucial technologies (hypersonic missiles, air defenses, electronic warfare etc.) even while she still lags behind in other technologies (mostly truly obsolete things like aircraft carriers). But most crucial is the political victory of Russia: five years after the Euromaidan and the liberation of Crimea from the Nazi yoke, the USA is far more isolated than Russia. It’s comical, really!

5) “real “civilizational states” which now come not only to shake up our international order”

I have been speaking about a unique, and very distinct, “Russian civilizational realm” in many of my writings and I am quite happy to see Macron using almost the same words. Of course, Macron did not only mean Russia here, but also India and China. Still, and although the Russian nation is much younger than the one of China or, even more so India, 1000 years of Russian civilization does deserve to be listed next to these two other giants of world history. And what is absolutely certain is that China and India could never build the new international order they want without Russia, at least for the foreseeable future. In spite of all the very real progress made recently by the Chinese armed forces (and, to a lesser degree, also the Indian ones), Russia still remains a much stronger military power than China. What Russia, China and India are, is that they are all former empires which have given up on imperialism and who know only aspire to be powerful, but nevertheless “normal” nations. Just by their size and geography, these are “un-invadable” countries who all present a distinct model of development and who want a multi-polar international order which would allow them to safely achieve their goals. In other words, Macron understands that the future international order will be dictated by China, Russia and India and not by any combination of western powers. Quite an admission indeed!

6) “ Look at India, Russia and China. They have a much stronger political inspiration than Europeans today. They think about our planet with a true logic, a true philosophy, an imagination that we’ve lost a little bit.”

This is the “core BRICS” challenge to the Empire: China and Russia have already established what the Chinese call a “Comprehensive Strategic Partnership of Coordination for the New Era”. If they can now extend this kind of informal but extremely profound partnership (I think of it as “symbiotic”) to India next, then the BRICS will have a formidable future (especially after the Brazilian people give the boot to Bolsonaro and his US patrons). Should that fail and should India chose to remain outside this unique relationship, then the SCO will become the main game in town. And yes, Macron is spot on: China and, especially, Russia have a fundamentally different worldview and, unlike the western one, theirs does have “much stronger political” goals (Macron used the word “aspirations”), “a real philosophy and imagination” which the West has lost, and not just a “little bit” but, I would argue, completely. But one way or the other, and for the first time in 1000 years, the future of our planet will not be decided anywhere in the West, not in Europe (old or “new”), but in Asia, primarily by the Russian-Chinese alliance. As I explained here, the AngloZionist Empire is probably the last one in history, definitely the last western one.

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Jimmy on Bolton's 'Libya model'

'It drives me nuts', says Jimmy Dore.

Dore calls himself a 'jag-off comedian' who does better news delivery and analysis than most of the mainstream media.

He throws in some curse words (which I don't mind......Dr. Helen Caldicott says if you are not angry as hell then you are not healthy) but in the end Jimmy is spot on and he's taking his act on the road across the nation educating lots of folks.  That's a good thing.

His audience is growing so much on social media that he gets higher ratings than some of the corporate media hacks.

I also agree that it is good to use satire to make fun of all the creeps (from both parties) running this country.  They deserve it.


A blast from the past

This one hour video called "The Battle for America's Soul" was recorded at a 2005 speech by GN Coordinator Bruce Gagnon.

It has been aired widely across the country on Free Speech TV.

The speech was delivered at the Emmanual Mennonite Church in Gainesville, Florida during a speaking tour across that state.

The presentation covers the mythology of America, corruption within the military industrial complex, plans for U.S. control of space, the corporate destruction of the American economy, America's addiction to weapons and war, and concludes with a transformative vision for the nation.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Go see this film!

The Best Movie Ever Made About the Truth Behind the Iraq War Is “Official Secrets”

The Intercept

 “Official Secrets,” which opened [last] Friday in New York and Los Angeles, is the best movie ever made about how the Iraq War happened. It’s startlingly accurate, and because of that, it’s equally inspiring, demoralizing, hopeful, and enraging. Please go see it.

It’s been forgotten now, but the Iraq War and its abominable consequences — the hundreds of thousands of deaths, the rise of the Islamic State group, the nightmare oozing into Syria, arguably the presidency of Donald Trump — almost didn’t happen. In the weeks before the U.S.-led invasion on March 19, 2003, the American and British case for war was collapsing. It looked like a badly made jalopy, its engine smoking and various parts falling off as it trundled erratically down the road.

Read the rest of the review here

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

The wonders of Rangeley Lake in Maine

MB and I took our long-time friend Leanne over the weekend to Rangeley Lake up in west-central Maine.  She brought along a friend.

We first came to Rangeley in August of 2014 to prepare for a Maine Peace Walk that we did five times - walking thru various parts of the state.  It's a great way to get to know Maine. Worn knees, busy schedules, and other priorities have put the walks on hold for now.  I hope some day we can do another walk again.

Our reason for going to Rangeley was that the Pentagon had declared it as one possible site for the 'Missile Defense Agency' (MDA) deployment of a launch facility for the Ground-Based Mid-Course interceptor system.  Jason Rawn and I went there to find a church that would take us in for the night before the walk began.  We found one and as it turned we'd be there for their big annual Turkey Dinner fundraiser feast in October 2014.  So they invited us in - I suggested to our dozen walkers that we sit at different tables and meet more local people.  A great opportunity to share what we each new about the missile deployment plan.

Not much information from the military was available.  Our first visit to the town (August 2014) was timed so we could attend a public information meeting in a Rangeley gymnasium by the MDA. Jason and I went inside and handed out flyers to folks about our coming peace walk and our opposition to the MDA's missile base plan.

In order to avoid having a real public hearing, where citizens can listen and learn from one another, the MDA plan was to have display boards on easels throughout the Rangeley regional school gym. This set up allowed for the atomization of the public voice as folks were forced to go from easel to easel and be literally surrounded by 2-3 MDA types who would immediately ask, "Do you have a question?"

The truth is that most of the 50-some public citizens we saw during our two-hours there in 2014 were stunned. They had no clue what "missile defense" (offense) really is and they had no idea what it means to have a new base plunked down inside Maine's environmentally sensitive western mountains. Sixty interceptor missiles were envisioned at the base as a result of the Congressional mandate and public hearings were ordered in Michigan, Ohio, New York and Maine to decide which state got the 'lucky prize' if Congress ultimately decided to further fund this expensive and destabilizing program.

One local environmentalist was "shocked at the scale of the project" that would bring anywhere from 1,000 to 1,800 people into Rangeley to build the base and/or staff the missile installation. Current year round population of Rangeley is about 1,100 and the kindergarten to high school student population is around 260 kids. A dramatic change in local culture was in store for the community if this site was picked. The sleepy summer lake and winter mountain ski culture would be infused with bars, pawn shops, prostitution, and other signs of military "outside the gate" culture so familiar around the country and world where US bases are located.

Environmentalists were alarmed about the resulting road widening, toxic contamination from rocket fuel and massive impact on the local tourist economy that thrives on the image of 'beautiful and clean environment'. 

So our ten-day peace walk opposing this potential base took off from there and meandered through the state (ending in North Berwick) giving us a chance to catch the eyes (and maybe hearts) of those who zoomed by in their chariots.  We talked to alot of people and handed out about 1,000 flyers on the subject of the MDA plan and the idea of conversion of the Bath Iron Works Navy shipyard run by General Dynamics.

In early 2016 the Missile Defense Agency determined, due to environmental and cost concerns, to take Rangeley, Maine off its list of possible future East Coast missile base sites. We like to think that our ability to stir things up across the state against the deployment worked in our favor as well.  Peaceniks also turned out during the one other  'public hearing' in Farmington in 2014 and gave the MDA a hard time there as well.

Our friend Ridgeley Fuller attended the 'public hearing' by the MDA in Farmington, Maine and handed the military man our peace walk flyer that featured opposition to their proposed missile launch base.

As of the end of 2018, the total cost of the GMD system was estimated to be over $67 billion.

On that journey to stop the missile launch base I fell in love with the lake and the beauty of the whole area.  So MB and I took our friend Leanne there in 2017.  Last month Leanne said, "Hey, let's go back to Rangeley."  We said OK and made the beautiful drive there.

It's also special for me because my step-father (who married my mother when I was three years old; he was in the Air Force and thus began our moves around the world) Wesley was from Rumford, Maine very near Rangeley Lake.  So the place has deeper meaning for me. 

While doing peace walk preparation in 2014 I met Vietnam war veteran Tom Ryan who was in the Navy.  He retired with his sheep herding dogs in Oquossoc by Rangeley Lake.  Tom had flocks of chickens, turkeys, ducks and goats he raised.  He gave away eggs by the legion to local people in need.  He gave away turkeys and more.  Tom lived to give back - as if he was carrying a load in need of redemption.

Our our 2017 visit to Rangeley, MB, Leanne and I visited Tom's working farm in the woods.  His dogs demonstrated their skill in rounding up ducks for us.  We had dinner with Tom - sharing stories about politics in America and the deep challenges that come with it all.

So this weekend we met Tom again when we went to the lake.  We had dinner together and heard about his having to get rid of his animals (he gave his goat herd to a young couple trying to establish a farm) because he was going to have knee replacement surgery.  He was happy to share that his knee surgeon is the Boston Celtics (pro basketball team) primary knee doctor.  So Tom figured he got a good fix.

We went for a 6-mile hike with Tom and one of his dogs on an old logging road that was being taken over by nature again.  The chest high grasses, beautiful yellow and purple flowers, and moose tracks in the mud were all wonders as we walked along the boulder-filled creek that is the route for melting snow coming off the mountains into the lake.

While we were walking we learned more about Tom's book called Screw: a guard's view of Bridgewater State Hospital' in Massachusetts.   In the early 1970's Tom took a job at the Bridgewater State Hospital - a place with a terrible reputation of brutality against patients and inmates.  He took the job wanting to collect information to help get the ugly warehouse of repression shut down.  In the book he recounts, from his notes while on the job as a CO (Corrections Officer), the horrid savagery he witnessed and was encouraged to participate in.  After nearly two years he had to leave and began to tell the story.

A major reform initiative by Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker in 2016 replaced management of the hospital and much of the staff, granted a significant amount of turnaround funding, removed uniformed guards, and closed the "intensive treatment" unit where forced restraints and solitary confinement were used.

It's an amazing book of Tom's own courage to be one of the few kind human beings inside the hell hole at Bridgewater.  The popular notion was that it was an institution for the criminally insane thus most in the public figured that inmates got what rough treatment they deserved - after all they were the dregs of society.

Tom found that many of the men inside the lockup were sweet, sensitive and suffering at the hands of guards (ex-Marines and members of the local right-wing militia that was preparing to 'kill Commies when they try to take over the country').  These brutes are the shock troops of the corporate oligarchy and when Mr. Big needs to tame the masses they trot these psychopaths out to bang heads and break knees.  Tom gives you the inside look at these cats.

I finished the book in one evening - first sitting in a chair staring at the lake and then later in our motel room as it began to get too cold.  It is a lovely spot.

A documentary about Bridgewater was made in 1967.  You can get a glimpse of it here.

My take on Bridgewater - it was all about race, class and social control.  The message to the public?  If you don't keep your nose to the grindstone and remain 'productive' then you might end up in a joint like this.


Monday, September 09, 2019

America is excessive: A Russian's view

Karen Shakhnazarov, film director, People's Artist of Russia:

"The reasons why empires collapse are also clear. At some point, they become excessive. They're excessive, their expansion is excessive. Now, it's happening to the Americans. They're excessive. Their efforts are too big for their capabilities. They're unable to control all of it. They're in decline."

Quite interesting.

Sunday, September 08, 2019

It takes some 'honest' scientists.....

All input data, results data, and simulations that were used or generated during this study will be made available here and at The research team is currently organizing and uploading all of its data into a format that can be readily downloaded and used. We expect to post the data sometime between September 16 and September 30, 2019.

For anyone intending to download the data, please be advised that there are several hundred gigabytes, so plan your data storage accordingly.

Following the release of the UAF WTC 7 draft report on September 3, 2019, there will be a two-month public comment period ending on November 1, 2019. The final report will be released later this year.

During this period, the UAF research team and AE911Truth staff welcome any and all members of the public to submit constructive comments intended to further the analyses and presentation of findings contained in the report. Designated reviewers external to UAF and AE911Truth will also review the report during this period.

Commenters are asked to send their comments in an attached PDF or Word document to

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