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Monday, September 30, 2019

Baseball over for the O's

My favorite baseball team, the Baltimore Orioles, saw their season end yesterday by losing to the Boston Red Sox in a wild game.  The catch in the video above came in the 8th inning with the score tied.  Right-fielder Stevie Wilkerson saved them in that moment but the next inning the Red Sox won the game.

The Orioles had the 2nd worst record in all of major league baseball this year.  Last year they were the worst team.  But this year's team had many new young players who actually made it an interesting season for me.  Wilkerson was one of those.

On Saturday Mary Beth and I went to watch the Red Sox and Orioles game at historic Fenway Park in Boston thanks to her lifelong friend Marian.  We had a great time and the O's actually won that game by a score of 9-4.  I had on my O's hat and was surrounded by the faithful 'Red Sox nation' as they call themselves.

I don't like the corporate domination of sports but love baseball.  It is one of my few diversions from the constant madness of my country and much of the world.

So as they say in baseball - "Just wait til next year!"



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