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Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Space Force: A spiritual crisis in America

Please help us reach more of the public with our deep concerns about Space Force - the plan to move the arms race into the heavens.

In this video I urge people to watch the award winning documentary called Pax Americana and the Weaponization of Space.  It is about the best resource yet on this important issue.  You can watch it from here.

I first learned about plans to move the arms race into space in 1982.  In the video I tell the story about that time.  The following year I went to work for the Florida Coalition for Peace & Justice where I organized opposition across that state and around the nation to the military take over of the space program.

Today every space mission by NASA is what they call 'dual use' - meaning that each so-called 'civilian' launch from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida is in fact doing research and testing of Star Wars technologies.

In 1992 the Florida Coalition, along with New York-based journalist Karl Grossman and the Colorado-based group Citizens for Peace in Space, created the Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space.  For some years I coordinated both groups but in 1998 I left the Florida Coalition to devote myself full-time to the development of the Global Network because I saw plans accelerating to create Star Wars.

It's been a long hard road to try to build a global citizens movement to oppose this crazy idea to weaponize space.  But I could not have ever hoped to work with a finer bunch of people than those in the Global Network.  It has been a great blessing in my life - for sure.

In the end I see the plans to move the arms race into the heavens as a spiritual crisis.  The US has lost its collective soul as the quest for power and money has taken over the heart of our government in this nation.  It is a sickness, the bad seed I often call it, that the corporate controlled misleaders in Washington have become afflicted with.  They've lost touch with the sacredness of life and have fallen victim to the evil notion that they can control and dominate space and our beautiful planet.

Only an awakened people here on Mother Earth can stop this wasteful use of our collective resources on this dangerous and provocative notion of world domination.  History tells us these kinds of aspirations to dominate have never worked out well for any nation (Nazi Germany for instance) that aspires to rule the planet.  Similarly this contemporary version of 'Deutschland ├╝ber alles' will inevitably turn out badly for the American corporate dominated government and the innocent people living on this tiny spinning orb.

Let's not let these maniacs get away with these horrid plans.


Video recorded on Christmas day by Regis Tremblay.


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