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Friday, November 01, 2019

Ukraine is a failed state

Neo-Nazi Bandera followers march in western Ukraine

While in Lugansk in the Donbass we had the fortune to meet with famous writer Gleb Bobrov (Chief of the Writers Union and former Soviet soldier during their war in Afghanistan). In 2007 Bobrov wrote a popular novel called ‘Age of Death Born’ that foretold the coming wars by the Ukrainian government and the Russian speaking people living in the Donbass.  Here are some of his words.

    70% of the book came true – I had an understanding of the situation in the country.  The main ideology of Ukraine was nationalism.  They chose the most radical one.  Nationalism was integrated into all aspects of life.  No matter your ethnicity you had to be Ukrainian with only one language acceptable. 

    Bandera [the western Ukrainian nationalist who led his forces to join with Hitler’s Nazis when they swept through Ukraine during WW II and helped kill many Jews and Polish people] style fascism has taken over today with a full rewriting of history ignoring Soviet contributions and war heroes.

    1990’s ideology required all people to change their religion from Russian Orthodox to a western brand of the faith.

    Ukrainian diaspora, living in the west (particularly in the US and Canada), ran back to Ukraine following the collapse of the former Soviet Union along with George Soros money, grants from USAID and National Endowment for Democracy.  Their main objective was to begin the process to break ties with Russia.  This became the only ideology that matched the interests of the oligarchs.  Thus the ‘Color Revolution’ began many years before 2014.

    Prior the collapse of the Soviet Union in the Donbass nationality was not an issue.  In any country it seems strange to imagine asking people to change their religion, language, culture, etc.  The US-NATO understood they had to boil the frog slowly thus they created their color revolution plan.

    Bad economic conditions ensured people were just focused on survival and not paying attention to these behind the scenes plans.

    In the Donbass many factories were closed, including coal mines. By the time of the US directed coup d’ etat in 2014 there were no more military facilities open in the Donbass.  Army bases, barracks for soldiers, and military production facilities were all closed. [Thus, when the US installed puppet regime began attacking the Donbass in 2014, they had no existing military capability to utilize to protect themselves.]

    During WW I the nationalists based in western Ukraine cleaned out the Russian speaking people in their region.  During WW II they cleaned out the Jews.

    The US wants an unstable situation along the Russian border in order to divide and rule.  They want controlled chaos and to disrupt the independent sovereignty of the Russian speaking eastern part of Ukraine – the Donbass.

    Hong Kong today is another example of this strategy under way, this time to disrupt China.

    Ukraine will stop existing as a true nation.  It is becoming a failed state and will be further divided. The doctrine of Ukraine is self-destructive.  The core idea is to fight against Russia. Not able to be successful in their goal they will turn on each other inside the country.  Fascists are now fighting against themselves.

    The US pumped big money into Ukraine at the time of the Maidan (‘revolution’) in 2014.  [Hillary Clinton’s Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland bragged during a speech before an oil corporation conference that the US spent $5 billion on the Ukraine operation.]   


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