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Thursday, July 18, 2019

Canada's link to Nazis in Ukraine

July 18, 1943

Nazi collaborators of 14th SS "Galizien" division march through the streets of Lvov, Ukraine under the watch of top ranking German officers during WW II.

Just a reminder that there are monuments to these collaborators in Canada in Oakville, ON and Edmonton, AB. How is it possible to erect monuments to Nazis in Canada which lost more than 40 thousands solders fighting the Nazis?

Lvov in western Ukraine today still remains a stronghold for the latest generation of Nazi sympathizers who worship Stephan Bandera, a Nazi collaborator who welcomed Nazi Germany's invasion of Ukraine and whose forces murdered 60,0000 members of the Polish minority in Ukraine. (See video just below for more details.)

The current government in Kiev recently honored Bandera by declaring a national day in his honor.  

Do you still wonder why the folks in the Donbass (eastern Ukraine near the Russian border) are critical of the US imposed regime in Kiev that has many Nazis inside the government?

#StopNazism #Holocaust #NeverForget


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