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Monday, May 13, 2019

Words from Russian VFP leader

Russian VFP President Alexander Pasechnik (center holding paper) had just signed an agreement of cooperation with Maine VFP chapter.  Russian VFP director Alexander Rassokhin is on the left (burgundy shirt).  Most of our group are in the photo. They really loved Alexander's talk.

While we were holding our Global Network Study Tour in Moscow we were lucky to have the president of Russian Veterans For Peace (VFP) Alexander Pasechnik speak to our group at the Aerostar Hotel.

Here are some of his words:

  • Russian VFP was created 25 years ago.  Russian veterans from Afghanistan war heard about US VFP.  We created the Russian VFP organization. 
  • In the early years we could attend the US VFP conventions but after the US-NATO Yugoslavia war we could not get Visa to the US anymore.
  • There are no differences between us on a human level.
  • We want to live in peace here in Russia but we won't be reduced to dust.
  • We want normal communication between our nations.
  • Having our intended larger international VFP conference in May in St Petersburg was made impossible by the growing tensions between our countries.  We hope to do it next year.
  • Sanctions on Russia are having minimal impact.  Sanctions forced us to do more domestic production.
  • Russian VFP is against war, but we have to respond when we are provoked or any country pushes us.
  • The War in Chechnya could not have happened without external involvement [Pentagon/CIA].
  • During the time of the Soviet Union there was balance in the world.  Now there is no balance.  Russia is trying to restore balance.  We'd be happy to stay in our country.  But bases are now being placed by our borders [Poland, Romania, Sweden, Norway, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Ukraine, etc].
  • What would you do if you were in Putin's place when somebody pushes you and pushes you?
  • We have internal problems [18% poverty] here and would rather spend our money here.
  • The US openly supported the 2014 coup in Ukraine.

Alexander later signed a cooperation agreement with Maine VFP.  I carried the agreement that was first signed by Maine VFP President Doug Rawlings to Moscow and will deliver copies of the signed statement back to Maine on behalf of Russian VFP.  Along with the statement I was asked by Alexander to also carry the Russian version of the VFP flag to Doug which I will do.

Alexander repeatedly called himself a 'simple man' and folks in our group later stated how moved they were by those words.  He made a good impression on our study tour group.  He spoke from his heart.  He gave us direct and honest answers to our questions.  It was an excellent meeting.

This kind of open communication is how peace and trust are established.  Threats, deceit, badgering, intimidation and bravado (which the US routinely does with Russia and other nations) is not the way to build a peaceful relationship.

We were proud that our small group could have such an open and honest exchange.  More groups and individuals should travel to Russia and have such discussions with the people there.  Maybe if more of us did that we could break down the walls that the US-NATO are erecting on Russia's borders.



Blogger Stan Levin said...

Thank you, Bruce …. Bro-Stan

5/13/19, 2:04 PM  
Blogger rick said...

Excellent, informative and important summary. We need to strengthen contacts and counter the misinformation and warmongering.
- Rick Sterling
VFP 162 East Bay Area, California

5/13/19, 2:06 PM  
Blogger Redwoodhippie said...

A positive step towards peace. Thank you, Bruce.

7/26/21, 8:39 AM  

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